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Video: On the Front Line for God's Marriage -- Amazing Support in Texas & Louisiana

You will love this video of TFP Student Action's latest tour for marriage in the South.

March for Marriage Video: God Made Marriage, Not the Supreme Court

Thousands of pro-family Americans gather in Washington, D.C. to defend true marriage.

Students Learn Relativism and Other "Liberal" Arts While Spending $47,000 a Year

Among other things, this video captures a discussion at Johns Hopkins University between TFP Student Action volunteers and students who use relativism to justify their support for same-sex "marriage."

Amazing Support for True Marriage Seen on TFP Tour

Seven days of constant travel from city to city demonstrated -- just look at the video footage -- that despite the steady erosion of moral values caused by the sexual revolution, American public opinion firmly believes that natural marriage must be upheld, not redefined or tampered with.

Man Attacks & Breaks TFP Camera at Rally for True Marriage

"We're going to beat the living (delete) out of you!" said the pro-homosexual advocate before he broke TFP Student Action's video camera during a peaceful rally for natural marriage at Johns Hopkins University on October 23.

Same-Sex "Marriage" and the Immoral Slippery Slope

Yes, the slippery slope is real. This video proves it.

Ugly Cases of Pro-Homosexual Rainbow Rage

Have you ever seen pro-homosexual advocates just lose it? Cry, stomp their feet, throw things, blast you with insults, and then call you judgmental?

You're Not Alone: This Video Shows You Why God's Marriage Can WIN

Beyond a shadow of doubt, this video proves that you're not alone... Just watch how many support traditional marriage.

Young Catholics Not Welcome at the University of Notre Dame -- Video Now Included

Officials at the University of Notre Dame revoke permission for pro-marriage table, tell young Catholics to “cease and desist” promoting natural marriage on campus.

Thousands March for REAL Marriage in WDC as Supreme Court Weighs Proposition 8 and DOMA

Thousands of pro-traditional marriage defenders marched up Capitol Hill on Tuesday, calling for the Supreme Court to uphold and protect marriage as the union of 1 man and 1 woman.

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