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TFP Student Action Conquers the Adirondack Peaks for God

Watch this two-minute video of their daring and icy ascent.

At this Summer Camp Boys Answer the Call to Chivalry

The Call to Chivalry camp unites young men who rally around the banner of knightly virtue.

Saint Louis de Montfort Academy: Where Heroes Are Forged (video)

Saint Louis de Montfort Academy offers students a solid academic foundation, emphasizing the importance of Catholic culture, history, and the treasures of Christian civilization. It strives to provide an environment that promotes everything a Catholic gentleman should aspire to.

Whitewater adventure provides rest for TFP volunteers

Adventure on the Cheat River. The annual whitewater trip is a TFP Student Action custom spanning ten years.

Will CPAC 'Big Tent' Survive a Leak?

Street Campaigns | Page 16 Although Houston is a large sprawling city, the streets downtown are fairly empty. However, after scanning the city for ... Will CPAC 'Big Tent' Survive a Leak?

Video: Impressive Swiss Guard Ceremony

“Courage and Loyalty” is the motto of the oldest standing army in the world, the Swiss Guard. Their swearing-in ceremony captured in this video is simply sublime, a fine example of the Church militant.