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How to Beat Every Woke Leftist at Boston University

Defeating socialism with Faith, logic, and facts.

Errors of Russia Rage as Fatima Prophecy Is Ignored

Has Russia really converted? How does the Fatima message explain the war in Ukraine?

Free Cuba Campaign at Gettysburg College

Stop cultural Marxism in America.

Why Socialism is Wrong

Sir Winston Churchill was right when he said socialism is "the equal sharing of misery." Watch the video.

What Does Equality Really Mean? Egalitarianism vs. Inequality

Why is equality so trendy? On most college campuses you hear about "marriage" equality, income equality, gender equality, and social equality. What does all this egalitarianism really mean?

Video the Liberal Media Won't Show: Amazing Rejection of Socialist Obamacare

“God's Law Comes First, Repeal Socialist Obamacare!”

Six Day Campaign Against Obamacare in New Jersey

"Finally, someone against socialism!" From October 22--28, ten TFP volunteers traveled to New Jersey to oppose socialist Obamacare.

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