May 05, 2016 Print this article

10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose Same-Sex "Marriage"

Young Americans are not about to allow the sacred institution of marriage to be thrown under the bus by the homosexual movement. In fact, TFP Student Action has just launched a new educational video that makes a powerful case against the imposition of homosexual unions in our culture.

The urgent need for this educational video became apparent after TFP Student Action volunteers visited institutions of higher learning such as Brown, Berkeley and George Washington University and found students ill-equipped to stand up for true marriage.

"Marriage is being debated across the nation, especially on college campuses, so we decided to make a video that would help students defend natural marriage in a serious and respectful way," said TFP volunteer Matthew Miller, 20. "The video is really useful right now because activist judges are playing God, thinking they have the power to change the definition and nature of true marriage. They don't. And this video proves it."

Liberal professors only present one side of the issue -- the wrong side, the politically correct position. The truth is rarely heard in the classroom. But this TFP video puts moral correctness above political correctness, challenging the falsehood of the homosexual movement. The ten points are taken from one of TFP Student Action's most popular posts, 10 Reasons Why Same-Sex "Marriage" Is Harmful and Must be Opposed.

"Even at Catholic universities like Georgetown, students are not given good reasons to oppose same-sex 'marriage,'" said Miller. "Only the misleading talking points of the homosexual agenda get parroted everywhere -- in class, out of class, on TV and in the newspapers. So I'm sure this video will help lots of students understand why they should stand up to defend marriage and family."

Please share this video with your friends. Send it to every college student you know. Help us outsmart liberal professors and save the sacred institution of marriage and family.