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Why He Pushed 5 Pachamama Idols Into the Tiber (Exclusive Video)

Young Austrian Catholic fights for the One True God.

Catholics Rally Against Satanic Black Mass

You'll want to see this video about the rally of reparation held in Oklahoma City against the satanic Black Mass.

Peaceful Man Gets Attacked Near Luciferian "Church" (video)

"... as soon as I turned around I got punched directly in the face."

Video: Battle Against Lucifer in Texas

To the dismay of local residents the once quiet town of Old Town Spring in Texas has become a center of controversy as the “Greater Church of Lucifer” opened its doors on All Saints Day.

VIDEO: Public Prayer Rally Against the Black Mass

See the video and read the report from the prayer rally against the satanic black mass in Oklahoma City.

Sacrilegious Film by Ulrich Seidl Meets With Protest

"A dog may bark in his master’s defense, and am I to stand by silent when God’s holy name is blasphemed?" -- Saint Jerome

Blasphemy on Broadway CANCELED

What would you do if your mother was attacked? Do nothing? Stay silent? Never. The immediate response of any loving child would be to rush to her defense and ward off the attacker.