Student Conferences

Texas Student Conference Presents Fatima's Solutions for Woke and Cancel Culture

Young Catholic men gathered for a special TFP Student Action conference.

TFP Student Action Conference: A Call to Battle

Catholic Men Battling for the Glory of God

College Students Challenged to Be Catholic Leaders at TFP Event in Europe

Join the fight for the future of Christian civilization.

College Students Join the Counterrevolution at TFP Conference

Young Catholics renew their commitment to serve God.

TFP International Student Conference in Poland

Where militant Catholic university students from many countries gathered to study, pray and plan new activities.

TFP March for Life Student Conference a Success

TFP Student Action held its annual March for Life Student Conference. Young men from as far as California and Louisiana came together to march in defense of the unborn

Pro-Family Students Ready For Heroic Action

TFP conference gathers more than 120 students, activists, and youth leaders from 21 countries in Europe and the Americas for a week of prayer, study, and training in pro-family, Counter-Revolutionary activism.

Admiring the Ruins of Christendom

In June I joined three of my TFP Student Action colleagues for a two-month trip to Europe where the French TFP kindly hosted us.

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