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College Students Discuss Dangers of Socialism

On Monday, December 3, TFP Student Action volunteers visited Millersville University in Pennsylvania with the American flag, their trademark TFP standard, red capes, and fliers.

This time, the issue was socialism and TFP members distributed a punchy flier that outlines the top ten threats that socialism poses to America, 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism. The handout was well received by approximately 800 students. "I can give you more than just ten reasons," quipped one passerby.

Although most people took the flier with interest, some were vocal about their dissenting opinion. One woman, for example, took the flyer and ripped it in half. Throwing it in the air, she said: “I’m a socialist!” This type of behavior shocked several students who hurried over: “Hey, that’s not right!" they said, "can we have a copy of your flier?”

Liberals are good at tolerating anyone who agrees with them. Those who don’t, however, often find themselves on the receiving end of epithets, name-calling, personal attacks, or even physical abuse, as documented by the TFP Student Action video, Attacked by Tolerance. Excluding isolated liberal outbursts, Millersville students showed genuine interest and could be seen reading the TFP flier while walking from one side of the campus to another.

The campaign was highly educational. It alerted hundreds of students about the socialist measures currently chipping away at American freedom. The discussion is no longer abstract, but in the daily news: Obamacare, attempts to do away with moral values, efforts to disrupt the institution of the family, abortion, and the insistence on redefiningtraditional marriage as the lifelong union between one man and one woman.

At this critical moment in history, it is our prayer that more young Americans will stand up and defend what is right, and oppose what is wrong.

If you are a college student, please get involved by filling out our Survey on Moral Values here. Thank you.