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Pro-Abortion Students Say “Hail Satan” and “I Love Murder”

  • “I eat babies!”
  • “If my own mother were murdered, I would laugh.”
  • "I wish I had been aborted!”
  • “I love murder!”
  • “Hail Satan!"

These shocking words greeted TFP Student Action volunteers at Millersville University in Pennsylvania during their most recent visit to campus.

Typically, campaigns start slow until someone breaks the ice and starts a conversation or debate. However, this campaign sparked reactions from the get go. Even before starting, one man cursed at the pro-family volunteers from his car window.

A pro-abortion crowd gathered. However, the body of agitated students stood some distance from the campaign as if collecting the courage to approach. So TFP volunteers took the initiative by approaching them, and the debates began.

Pro-aborts screamed, “It’s not a baby!” only to later agree that the child in the womb is a baby. When confronted about this contradiction, many admitted that to kill the child is murder yet still insisted that women should have the right to choose. One feminist screeched, “I am a murderer!” multiple times, perhaps attempting to drown out her troubled conscience.

More pro-aborts – men included – shouted “My body, my choice!”

TFP members responded, “Not your body, not your choice!”

When civil debate became impossible over the shouting of the mob, TFP bagpipes intoned a beautiful hymn to restore a sense of order. But the pro-aborts continued screaming profanities until TFP members marched away in formation, singing the hymn “We Want God!”

Acts of “Tolerance” Endured

From morning to afternoon, TFP volunteers endured many acts of “tolerance.”

One man, for example, physically pushed a TFP member. Another said, “We should just pepper spray these people,” as he dug through his bag. More than one pro-abortion advocate tore the TFP “10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn” flyer to shreds.

A mob mentality reigned with shouts, cursing and petty insults.

Nevertheless, this campaign at Millersville University was not the first nor will it be the last. There will be more TFP Student Action battles for the unborn at campuses across the United States. The most innocent, and those who fight for them, need your voice and prayers. Please don’t fail to support them in both these ways.

Keep up the good fight!

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!