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The Day I Met a Woke Student Who Thought She Was a Wolf

“I identify as a dog,” she said, standing beside a rainbow flag. “Well, specifically a wolf, but some days I identify as either a fox or a unicorn.”

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I never thought it would happen, but it did. I met a person who tries to be an animal. It happened on March 18, 2024, when I joined TFP Student Action volunteers at Millersville University in Pennsylvania to promote family values and unmask the errors of gender ideology.

Opposing gender ideology at Millersville University

I talked to a lot of students and gave them 10 Reasons Why Transgenderism is the Family’s Worst Enemy flyers, which explain how gender ideology destroys reason, harms families, and imposes tyranny on society.

Students and pedestrians expressed their support. And many cars honked in response to the TFP sign, “Honk to Protect Our Children.” One student was especially effusive: “Thank you for what you’re doing. These [LGBT advocates] are crazy! God will win!”

But eventually, a handful of pro-LGBT protesters gathered across the street. They cursed and yelled. One student with a visible satanic tattoo waved a pro-transgender sign featuring the anarchist symbol. A TFP volunteer asked, “Are you all communists?” They responded: “Yes, we’re anarcho-communists.”

Opposing gender ideology at Millersville University

The pro-LGBT crowd asked the TFP volunteer, “Are you Christian?”

“Yes! I’m a proud Roman Catholic!”

They cursed in derision.

Another TFP volunteer attempted to reason with the “woke” students who favored “transitioning” children, asking, “If a 6-year-old child says they’re a dog, should we treat him like a dog?” A girl wearing a full-body dog costume was listening to the discussion. She immediately swirled around: “I identify as a dog. Well, specifically, a wolf. But some days, I identify as either a fox or a unicorn.”

“But I never heard a dog speak perfect English like you do,” said the TFP volunteer.

She started barking and licking her fake canine paw.

“You would hope people with different opinions could have a civilized discussion. But these [leftists] don’t want any of that,” said one student. “Thank you for coming! We need it!”

Opposing transgenderism at Millersville University

The pro-LGBT cause attracted an eclectic group of students: Satanists, communists, relativists, socialists, progressive “Christians,” and a girl who acts like a wolf. Their message was clear: moral values and legitimate restraint are repugnant. They want anarchy, absolute liberty, and radical equality. They repel Faith, family, and country. They squealed in horror as TFP volunteers sang “God Bless America” and mocked the Mother of God during the recitation of the Hail Mary.

On the opposite side of the street stood TFP Student Action members. They prayed, sang with joy, and debated without fear. Their banner proclaimed the truth: “God made male and female (Gen. 5:2). Stop the ravages of the transgender revolution.”

Viva Cristo Rey!