Street Campaigns - Socialism

Rally Against Socialism at the University of Delaware

May God protect American from socialism.

Stand Up Rallies for the Freedom of the Catholic Church Expand

On Friday, June 8, TFP volunteers departed for rallies in four different destinations: Washington DC, Harrisburg, PA, New York, NY, and Philadelphia PA. Our mission: Defend the freedom of the Catholic Church against the onslaughts of the current federal administration.

College Students Discuss Dangers of Socialism

She ripped the flier in two and, throwing it in the air, said: “I’m a socialist!” This behavior shocked students who hurried over: “Hey, that’s not right! Can we have a copy of your flier?”

Taking a Stand for Moral Values at the Alamo

I am writing from San Antonio, a charming city named after Saint Anthony of Padua. This region is blessed with a rich Catholic heritage harking back to the days when Franciscan missionaries arrived from Spain in 1691.

Socialism Divides the Waters – Campaign Report from Austin

Last night we enjoyed a delicious meal at the home of a gracious family in Manvel and after a good night's rest, we departed to Austin, the state capitol.

TFP Student Action Campaigns Against Socialism in Houston

Although Houston is a large sprawling city, the streets downtown are fairly empty. However, after scanning the city for pedestrian traffic we found a broad mix of people, from lawyers to construction workers, near the courthouse and that is where the first campaign of the day started.

Report from the front lines: Texans Reject Socialism

I am glad to tell you that the American TFP volunteers kicked off a new caravan in Texas. Our tour is taking us to a number of major cities in the Lone Star State with the clear goal of alerting the public about the growing dangers of socialist ideology in America.