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Stand Up Rallies for the Freedom of the Catholic Church Expand

On Capitol Hill: "God's Law comes first..."

On Friday, June 8, TFP volunteers departed for rallies in four different destinations: Washington DC, Harrisburg, PA, New York, NY, and Philadelphia PA. Our mission: Defend the freedom of the Catholic Church against the onslaughts of the current federal administration.

The rallies, sponsored by the Pro-life Action League, took place in over 160 locations all around the country.

In Philadelphia, the rally was set up on the green adjoining Independence Hall, guaranteeing visibility to the general public. Hundreds of people attended the event, including His Excellency Bishop Timothy Senior, auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia.

Although many of the passersby were supportive, others seemed to delight in the persecution of the Church. One person, when offered a flyer, retorted: “No way! I hate you all!”

There were several other such displays of “tolerance.” One counter-demonstrator took exception to our banner, which reads: “God’s law comes first: Repeal socialist Obamacare,” shouting: “Christianity is socialist -- look at the monasteries!”

One wonders what Pope Pius IX, along with the other nine recent popes who’ve condemned socialism, would have to say. (Read the Popes’ statements on socialism here)

Hundreds of passersby expressed their support. From “God bless!” and “Keep up the good work!” to the increasingly common: “Hey, I saw you in the Attacked by Tolerance video! Thank you.”

Let us continue to pray and fight for the freedom of the Holy Catholic Church.

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