Street Campaigns - Homosexuality

Tour for Traditional Marriage Reaches Syracuse

After campaigning for traditional marriage in Binghamton, we moved north to Syracuse, our next destination. The honking and support ratio at the intersections was good, but middle-of-the-road indifference was noticeable as well, while those who oppose God’s law were brazen, vocal and vulgar.

Defending real marriage in the Twin Cities

Today we started the first campaign in Bloomington next to the mall. The intersection had three lanes of traffic and the usual honks in support of true marriage sounded immediately. A telephone worker passed and said: “Thank you, but I don't need your flier. I know why homosexual unions are wrong.”

Students Invoke Satan Against TFP

"I hope satan stomps on you! Hail satan! Hail satan!" said the female student as she yelled against TFP members campaigning in defense of God's marriage at the University of Louisville, Kentucky

Campaigning for True Marriage in Kim Davis Country

The imprisonment of Kim Davis due to her refusal to issue marriage licenses for homosexual couples was the latest and most striking example of religious persecution in America.

Shattering the Pro-Homosexual "Bigotry" Myth at the University of Wisconsin -- Madison

TFP promotes moral values at "Berkeley of the Midwest," sees spiritual combat first hand.

Those "Tolerant" Students Show Unqualified Hatred of Catholic Church

Self-identified lesbian: “[bleep] the Catechism and [bleep] you! The Catholic Church is wrong! [Bleep] the Catholic Church!”

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