Street Campaigns

Shattering the Pro-Homosexual "Bigotry" Myth at the University of Wisconsin -- Madison

TFP promotes moral values at "Berkeley of the Midwest," sees spiritual combat first hand.

14,000 Rosary Rallies Give Hope in a World Torn by Sin and Abortion

Wow. Catholics gathered at over 14,108 different locations on October 10 to pray the Rosary in public and beg God to save America. Watch the video.

Those "Tolerant" Students Show Unqualified Hatred of Catholic Church

Self-identified lesbian: “[bleep] the Catechism and [bleep] you! The Catholic Church is wrong! [Bleep] the Catholic Church!”

Standing up for Moral Values at Gettysburg College

TFP Student Action volunteers went to Gettysburg College to promote moral values and collect petitions to Pope Francis.

Overwhelming Pro-Life Support in Louisiana and Texas

Planned Parenthood facility under construction is facing real difficulties: none of the local cement companies will agree to pour the foundations for the abortuary.

TFP Tour for True Marriage Visits Penn State University

With high spirits, 2 caravan groups of 10 TFP Student Action volunteers set out to travel the highways of America defending traditional marriage. Fully aware of the ongoing spiritual and cultural battle nationwide, the endeavor was confidently placed under the protection of St. Joseph, who is the Pillar of Families.

Record Number of Rallies for 1 Man + 1 Woman Marriage Held Nationwide

Wow. In what turned out to be an unprecedented display of grassroots support for the institution of marriage, hundreds of rally captains across the nation pulled off an amazing achievement: 250 public rallies in defense of true marriage.

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