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Those "Tolerant" Students Show Unqualified Hatred of Catholic Church

Self-identified lesbian: “[bleep] the Catechism and [bleep] you! The Catholic Church is wrong! [Bleep] the Catholic Church!”

On May 4, TFP Student Action volunteers went to Millersville University to collect signatures on an international pro-family petition to Pope Francis, signed by four cardinals, dozens of bishops and archbishops, and over 226,000 faithful.

Through the morning and into the afternoon, a steady stream of students stopped to sign on the busy sidewalk outside the student center. Shrugging as if it was a no-brainer, one student said, “I’m Catholic, yeah, I’ll sign to support that!” Non-Catholic students joined the effort as well.

However, anti-family agitators arrived. "What do you mean by ‘traditional marriage’?” asked a self-identified lesbian with a quizzical frown. When the young TFP volunteer kindly explained the importance of natural marriage, the woman rudely blurted, "[Bleep] you and your petition. You’re against love!” She said she would be back. In a few minutes she returned with a few pro-homosexual friends to disrupt the signature drive.

Heated Debates

Pro-homosexual student: “You people are BAD CATHOLICS! I was raised a Catholic for 12 years. You haters!”
TFP volunteer: “Excuse me? If you claim to be Catholic, then you must certainly believe in the Catechism of the Catholic Church?”
Student: [Bleep] the Catechism and [bleep] you! The Catholic Church is wrong! [Bleep] the Catholic Church!”

After much profanity, the pro-homosexual students tried a different tactic.
Student: “Why do you care about homosexual marriage anyway? It doesn’t affect you!”
TFP: “That's a myth! The homosexual agenda persecutes people in its wake!”
Student: “No! Prove it!
TFP: “Ever heard of Memories Pizza? Well, they said they would not serve a homosexual 'wedding' because it’s against their conscience, and guess what – they had to close because they got death threats for voicing their moral convictions."
Student: “Well, they deserved that! I’m glad those [expletive] got threatened!”

"Tolerance" is not so Tolerant

TFP volunteers continued to collect petitions. While they did so, however, a pro-homosexual heckler aggressively poked the clipboard to intimidate those who wanted to sign. “THIS is anti-gay! Do not sign it!” The TFP volunteer asked her to back away and stop touching the clipboard. She replied: “[expletive] your clipboard you [expletive] HATER!”

Another pro-homosexual student remarked: "I guess we are going to Hell.” She looked at her friends. They smirked and repeated in a celebratory tone, “Yeah, we are going to Hell.”

As one student signed the TFP pro-family petition, the pro-homosexual activists cursed and gawked: “I can’t believe she would sign such a terrible, hateful thing! She is in my class!”

The barrage of foul language and insults did not stop TFP volunteers from collecting more than 200 signatures.

The campaign was a reminder of how the homosexual movement preaches “tolerance” for its own agenda and at the same time simply denies it to those who defend traditional moral values. Their idea of tolerance is a one-way street which welcomes all things immoral and rejects the rights of God and His Law, branding all things virtuous and good as “hateful,” “bigoted” and “repressive.”

May God and Saint Michael the Archangel protect our colleges and universities from the homosexual agenda and free our culture from the slavery of sin.

If you haven't yet signed the worldwide petition to Pope Francis for marriage and family, please do so by clicking here.

Thank you.