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Abortion ‘more safe than giving birth’ says professor at Catholic College of Mount St. Vincent

Why is a pro-abortion activist teaching at a Catholic college? Of all the tenets of Catholic social teaching, perhaps the clearest and easiest to grasp is the right to life. However, Bianca Laureano, Professor of Sociology at the Catholic College of Mount Saint Vincent, is actively promoting abortion inside the classroom.

Atheist Invited to Catholic Campus: What Would Saint Ignatius Do?

"I've been an atheist since I was about 7 years old." -- Fran Lebowitz to

Vatican rebukes abortion-friendly nun Sr. Margaret Farley

Crowning an investigation spanning several years, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued a sharp rebuke of Sr. Margaret Farley, R.S.M. The Vatican notification comes in response to the dissident nun’s failure to clarify certain doctrinal issue.

Over 20,000 Students, Parents Don’t Want ‘Gay-Straight Alliance’ at Notre Dame

The Catholic University of Notre Dame now faces another moral crossroads as pro-homosexual advocacy groups, assisted by the liberal media, pressure the university to sanction a “Gay-Straight Alliance” on campus.

Challenging the Left at the University of Michigan

Cold weather notwithstanding, today's campaigns were intense. Fliers ready, bagpipes tuned, and logical, sound arguments prepared, we went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Catholics Fight Obamacare Persecution in Toledo

Today, our campaign started even before we left the hotel. As we partook of our breakfast, we were approached by a man who was curious to know who we were. After we explained, he enthusiastically rejoined: "That's great! We need morals in society.

Campaign against the Obama/HHS Mandate Held in the Snow

After attending Holy Mass, and having a light lunch, we were back on campaign. Distributing hundreds of fliers in Dayton, Ohio, we met significant support. After being offered a flier "against Obamacare," a man showed the flier to his wife, who exclaimed: "Wow! This is awesome!"

Impressive Public Opposition to Obamacare in Cincinnati

Following the epic campaign of yesterday, we were eager for whatever today would throw at us. Our first stops, at local shopping centers in Cincinnati, resulted in the distribution of hundreds of fliers.

Fighting Anti-Christian Obamacare in Ohio

Our first stop today brought us to downtown Columbus. Despite bitter cold winds, and icy temperatures, the campaign proceeded with great success.

TFP Student Action Road Tour Against Obamacare Kicks Off

On the morning of February 28, thirteen TFP Student Action volunteers piled into a van, ready and willing to defend the rights of the Catholic Church. Our mission: to visit dozens of locations, in three states, to publicly and vocally decry the socialist Obamacare system, and its brutal attack on morality and true freedom.

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