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Catholics Fight Obamacare Persecution in Toledo

Toledo, Ohio

March 5
Today, our campaign started even before we left the hotel. As we partook of our breakfast, we were approached by a man who was curious to know who we were. After we explained, he enthusiastically rejoined: "That's great! We need morals in society. Meeting you has really been a great encouragement to me. If I was younger, I would join you." Heartened by that send-off, we were ready for the day's battles.

Our first stop was at the University of Toledo. However, the extreme paucity of students prompted us to relocate to a better location. That determination brought us to a busy road in Toledo. Frigid temperatures did not deter us and a brisk pace of honking against Obamacare kept up for the whole campaign.

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At our second campaign, reactions on both sides were more charged with expressions of extreme support and opposition. One passing motorist exclaimed: "I'll honk against Obamacare and all the programs related to it!" Meanwhile, on the other side of the street a women responded to the sign with gestures of disagreement. When shown the sign reading: "The Obamacare Mandate Persecutes Catholics," she vigorously expressed her agreement with such a policy.

During our lunch break, three ladies at a nearby table inquired what we were doing in town. They were happy to find out and one of them exclaimed in a loud voice, "I love it! I love it!"

Continuing the campaign in very inclement weather, we held our ground for another hour. After having the campaign photographed and videotaped by passing journalists, and giving an interview, we packed up for the day.

Now we are in Michigan, ready for more campaigns.