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Nun Who Promotes Same-sex “Marriage” Misleads Catholics in Maryland

At a recent event in Maryland, Sister Jeannine Gramick publicly claimed that the recognition of homosexual unions is an issue of Catholic morality, and that those who oppose it are immoral. This position, she stated, “flows from our own church’s social justice teaching.”

Faithful Catholics rally against pro-abortion speaker at the University of Scranton

On January 28 dozens of TFP Student Action volunteers, in union with local pro-lifers, converged on the University of Scranton to defend innocent life. Forming up outside on the green, we held signs: "What would St. Ignatius Say?" and "Fr. Quinn: We need Catholic role models, not pro-abortion speakers" and "Thank you Bishop Bambera."

Jesuit University of Scranton to Welcome Pro-Abortion Speaker

While thousands of pro-life Americans prepare to attend the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., the Jesuit University of Scranton, located in Pennsylvania, makes very different preparations. In fact, former Congresswoman and avowed abortion advocate Marjorie Margolies has been invited to campus. SIGN YOUR INSTANT EMAIL PROTEST HERE

ALERT: Suicide lobbyist Katherine White Tudor teaches ethics at Catholic Seattle University

The latest blow to the Catholic identity of Catholic education comes from the Jesuit Seattle University School of Law, where a professional assisted-suicide lobbyist teaches Law, Medicine, and Ethics at the End of Life.

Repulsive Drag Show at Jesuit Seattle University

After promoting Planned Parenthood internships on its web site, Seattle University has fallen even lower in its abandonment of St. Ignatius of Loyola. According to the university’s student newspaper, The Spectator, a packed audience attended the 5th annual drag show in the Campion Ballroom on April 27.