Mar 04, 2012 Print this article

Campaign against the Obama/HHS Mandate Held in the Snow

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After attending Holy Mass, and having a light lunch, we were back on campaign. Distributing hundreds of fliers in Dayton, Ohio, we met significant support. After being offered a flier "against Obamacare," a man showed the flier to his wife, who exclaimed: "Wow! This is awesome!" Such an enthusiastic response is nothing out of the ordinary for this campaign, which is clearly supported by the public.

The day's primary campaign took place along a busy intersection at The Mall at Fairfield Commons outside of Dayton. Amid the driving wind and swirling snow, we braved frigid temperatures for several hours. The sounds of bagpipes and honking horns mingled in the air, drowning out the occasional profanities hurled by proponents of socialism. TFP volunteers holding the banner fought the fierce wind and struggled to keep it upright. Our faces are now pretty well wind-burned.

After thawing out, we headed to the home of a family who had generously invited us to dinner. Having been reinvigorated by the hearty fare, and even more by the lively conversation, we began the two hour drive to our next destination: Toledo.