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Over 20,000 Students, Parents Don’t Want ‘Gay-Straight Alliance’ at Notre Dame

Catholic students at Notre Dame don't want a GSA club on campus.

The Catholic University of Notre Dame now faces another moral crossroads as pro-homosexual advocacy groups, assisted by the liberal media, pressure the university to sanction a “Gay-Straight Alliance” on campus.

Both the student and faculty senates recently passed non-binding resolutions in favor of establishing an official “Gay-Straight Alliance” club.1 Calling themselves the “4-5 movement” -- a reference to an alleged statistic that 4/5 college-educated people support their cause -- pro-homosexual activists are hoping the university will buckle to their immoral demands.

However, the movement to legitimize homosexual sin does not enjoy widespread support. In fact, a TFP Student Action petition against pro-homosexual clubs on Catholic campuses, including Notre Dame, collected over 20,350 signatures to date among college students and concerned Catholic parents.

The TFP’s online petition urges the president of the University of Notre Dame “not to approve, recognize or finance student clubs or activities that endorse or promote homosexual sin.”

“After inviting pro-abortion president Obama in 2009, Notre Dame once again has two options: To be faithful or to betray; to uphold its Catholic identity or to sell out,” said Tradition Family Property Student Action Director, John Ritchie.

“We hope Fr. John Jenkins will hear the voices of over 20,350 Catholic students and parents and energetically keep the ‘Gay-Straight Alliance,’ or any other equivalent club that fosters that sinful lifestyle, far away from the campus that bears the most pure name of the Blessed Virgin Mary,” he said.

When the homosexual lobby first attempted to start an official club in 1986, the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Fellow’s issued a response, stating that such recognition would be paramount to an “implicit sanction” of a lifestyle “not in keeping with the values of the University or the teachings of the Church.”2

That refusal is just as valid today, especially on the heels of a statement issued by Pope Benedict XVI, warning of “powerful political and cultural currents seeking to alter the legal definition of marriage.”

As the educator of so many young Catholics, we pray that Notre Dame does not cave in to the insidious demands of the homosexual revolution.

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