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Debunking Transgender Lies at Marquette and the University of Wisconsin

Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was named after a Jesuit priest, Jacques Marquette, to instill the truth in young Catholic souls. However, when TFP Student Action volunteers visited the campus on Oct. 27 to promote Catholic moral values and share an educational leaflet with students titled 10 Reasons Why Transgenderism Is the Family's Worst Enemy, they found vocal hostility against the Faith.

"Fr. Marquette was probably a white male oppressor," said one student. "I learned everything that is wrong with the Catholic Church in theology class. I'm agnostic now," she said defiantly.

Fifteen TFP Student Action volunteers were present at the rally for the family, which lasted about two hours. Three of our volunteers played the bagpipes while the others distributed information and peacefully discussed the dangers of the transgender ideology as well as the need to uphold the natural distinctions between male and female, the way God created them. A large 14-foot banner on display read: "God made them male and female (Gen. 5:2). Stop the ravages of transgender ideology." This simple message enraged those on campus who support the homosexual movement.

A counter-demonstration formed with the assistance of faculty members and pro-homosexual students. They gave out their own flier about diversity. The more vocal pro-transgender students who engaged in debates called themselves “Catholic,” though none of them held the teachings of the Church, including one who claimed that St. Thomas Aquinas didn’t believe in moral absolutes. Another displayed a sign with “LGBTQMU” written on it. Confused, a TFP volunteer asked: “I’ve seen LGBTQ before, but what gender is MU?” The sign’s owner responded that she was part of the homosexual group on campus and that MU stood for Marquette University.

Marquette is the one of the first Catholic universities to allow gender-neutral bathrooms bathrooms on campus.

Dozens of pro-homosexual activists arrived with pre-made signs that read "Trans Lives Matter," "MU supports the trans community," and "Marquette stands against transphobia," among others. They lined up on the opposite side of the street and chanted "We are Marquette." TFP volunteers responded by singing "We Want God," a hymn composed by Saint Louis de Montfort.

One of the faculty members who claimed to be an expert in transgender studies was more vocal. He stood in front of the TFP banner and covered the word "God" with his own pro-transgender sign. For all the lip service paid to "acceptance" and "inclusion," he was determined to censor and exclude God's name. But TFP volunteers soon resolved the issue by hoisting their banner -- which was on poles -- even higher, making the word "God" visible once again.

Several pro-transgender students tore up pro-family literature and, instead of acting in a civil manner, resorted to name-calling, cursing and even verbal attacks against God.

Not all reactions were negative. One professor stated that he follows TFP’s activities on the internet. "You are very brave," he said. "Keep it up!"

Another young man took a flyer and enthusiastically said that he wanted ten more for his friends. Others offered support and thanked the TFP bagpipers for their music.

As the TFP battle cry of “Tradition, Family, Property… America” rang out on campus, one professor began mocking the right of private property. He talked about compassion and tolerance and love. At the same time, students ripped up TFP fliers and yelled, "don't follow their God of hate.”

With smiles on their faces, TFP volunteers stayed focused and ignored the provocations. In this hostile climate, a mother with two children walked by, took a TFP flier, lamented about the state of our godless culture, but added that we must never give up, because "If God be for us, who can stand against us?" she said. "Thank you so much."

When the enemies of the family are dead set on dismantling natural marriage and, now, human nature itself with transgenderism, we have a moral obligation to resist the lies of the sexual revolution and proclaim the unchanging truth: God made them male and female.

And no liberal professor can change what God established from the beginning.

Challenging the Left at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Report from October 28, 2016

Another day campaigning for moral values -- this time at the notoriously liberal University of Wisconsin-Madison. The campaign started at eleven o’clock on a corner of University and Park St. near the School of Business and lasted over two hours.

Many students stated that they did not have formed opinions on the issue of transgenderism. But after hearing so much pro-homosexual propaganda we found them to be predisposed to favor the "do whatever makes you feel happy" narrative.

"You guys are hating,” blurted one liberal. But when he was pressed to show where the actual hate was, he said “It's a different interpretation of hate.”

Another passerby who rejected the flier against transgenderism was asked what he thought of the issue. He replied: “Times have changed” and “people’s perceptions of sexuality have changed.”
Evan Olwell, a young TFP volunteer, responded: "Was slavery good when everybody thought it was good?"
The man had no answer.

A man who came to harass the campaign paced back and fourth for an hour yelling expletives and said that he would "punch everyone [TFP volunteers] in the face." Upon hearing this, one student began saying that he didn’t agree with the TFP’s position but the “threats and foul language was too much.” Even then, over a dozen fliers were ripped up and thrown in the faces of TFP volunteers.

Fortunately, there were some students who had their heads screwed on straight. One student said that we were doing a good job, but "the world is getting messed up. If things keep going, those who oppose the transgender movement will be thrown in jail."

"I recognize you from the March for Life," said a pro-life man. A lady on her way to Mass said, "give me some more fliers for my friends." Several students said that they supported the family and told the young TFP volunteers to "keep up the good work."

There were plenty of debates like this one:

Liberal student: "Gender is whatever you want it to be."
TFP volunteer Damien Murphy: "Can I be a Chinese woman even though I'm an Irish man?"
Liberal: "Yes."
TFP volunteer: "Can I self-identify as 5'5 even though I'm 6 feet tall?"
Liberal: "Sure."
TFP volunteer: "Can I walk through a 5'5 doorway and not hit my head on the door frame?"
Liberal: "Umm..."

One student said it is possible to be three genders at once but would not expound on how. Yet another said it would be alright for someone to self identify as a serial killer or be suicidal "if it made them happy."

It became clear that many of those studying at the university were living in some sort of a dream world. They have accepted, as normal, a deviant lifestyle that has real-world consequences; they deny that those consequences exist, and they react like spoiled children when anybody questions their “reality;” they simply didn’t care if women are abused in transgender bathrooms. One woman refused to see cases of rape as an obstacle to the legalization of transgender bathrooms.

However, the worst is what occurred during the second campaign of the day. A car drove by the intersection (in front of a Target store in Madison) with a mother teaching her children a vulgar chant in favor of choosing whatever bathroom they wanted. The real victims of the transgender movement are the children that are being indoctrinated at school, by the culture, and by possible parents that follow the transgender lifestyle. Innocent children are the ones we must strive to protect because they are our future. If they are corrupted, there is no future.

Finding Out What Real Wisconsinites Think

Report from October 29

To be fair, Madison is like the Berkeley of the Midwest. As TFP volunteers campaigned in areas closer to the grassroots, they found many more Wisconsinites who believe in reality and moral values.

The first campaign received more honks and support than in the previous two days combined. One in three honked in response to the honk signs and there were many who gave their vocal support. A man stopped and said, “this issue is so important that I stopped to thank you.” Throughout the whole campaign, it was refreshing to see what Americans not under the influence of liberal rhetoric really think about the transgender movement.

"Thanks for bringing your message to Madison today. I was happy to honk for the removal of transgender bathrooms!" said Billie, "[You're] great young men starting fantastic messages. Gave me hope today! God Bless you all!"

The public remains sharply divided, however. Two women in a car stopped at the light and let everybody know their position by showing their middle fingers at TFP member Damien Murphy. "I am open to any discussion," said Mr. Murphy. "Ask me anything.” To this, people in the car behind the “tolerant” ones began clapping and honking enthusiastically.

It is difficult to understand how a sign that reads "Honk to protect our children" would elicit unhinged reactions, but it does. One man threw a bag of trash at a TFP volunteer from his car window. Another man said: “You know, someone could run you over where you are standing. In fact, I could run you over and there are probably a lot of people who would do the same thing.” The TFP volunteer responded that it wouldn’t be a good idea, but the man said, "It would be worth it to stop you from holding that sign anymore.” With that, he started moving his car near the TFP volunteer in a threatening manner.

The second campaign of the day was in support of the police. For the most part, people in the small town in which the caravan campaigned were totally in favor of the police. It was a breath of fresh air to see that people are still in favor of order in society. In all, the day served to bolster the morale of the members of the caravan and to hold fast to the teachings of God and reality.

May God protect our nation and restore moral sanity to our nation.