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Catholic University Opens Muslim Prayer Room: 12,500 People Sign Protest

What about all the Catholics being martyred in the Middle East?

Imperial Prince Sends Letter to Pope After Socialist Subversives Get Vatican Welcome

Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza believes Catholics will be disconcerted to know that Pope Francis recorded a video message for radical socialist members of Via Campesina in which he exhorts them to "carry on."

Challenging the Left at the University of Michigan

Cold weather notwithstanding, today's campaigns were intense. Fliers ready, bagpipes tuned, and logical, sound arguments prepared, we went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Catholics Fight Obamacare Persecution in Toledo

Today, our campaign started even before we left the hotel. As we partook of our breakfast, we were approached by a man who was curious to know who we were. After we explained, he enthusiastically rejoined: "That's great! We need morals in society.

Campaign against the Obama/HHS Mandate Held in the Snow

After attending Holy Mass, and having a light lunch, we were back on campaign. Distributing hundreds of fliers in Dayton, Ohio, we met significant support. After being offered a flier "against Obamacare," a man showed the flier to his wife, who exclaimed: "Wow! This is awesome!"

Impressive Public Opposition to Obamacare in Cincinnati

Following the epic campaign of yesterday, we were eager for whatever today would throw at us. Our first stops, at local shopping centers in Cincinnati, resulted in the distribution of hundreds of fliers.

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