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TFP Student Action Road Tour Against Obamacare Kicks Off

On the morning of February 28, thirteen TFP Student Action volunteers piled into a van, ready and willing to defend the rights of the Catholic Church. Our mission: to visit dozens of locations, in three states, to publicly and vocally decry the socialist Obamacare system, and its brutal attack on morality and true freedom.

TFP at CPAC: Stop Obamacare’s Religious Persecution

When Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius promulgated new rules on January 20, just days before the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., requiring all health insurance plans under "Obamacare" to include contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization services, it marked the flashpoint of a process that historians may one day call the "War on Religion."

365 Days Defending Moral Values

Thank God, TFP Student Action was more effective than ever upholding moral values in 2011. Young TFP volunteers really put their heart and soul into this noble fight, traveling thousands of miles, holding dozens of campaigns nationwide. A look at the best, action-packed campaigns of 2011.

What I Saw at Occupy Wall Street

Soon after entering the protest perimeter at Zuccotti Park a piece of communist propaganda was thrust into my hand. The flier starts: “It’s not just Wall Street… capitalism must be destroyed.”

TFP Volunteers Tour Louisiana to Oppose Socialism

TFP Student Action volunteers are touring Louisiana and Texas, distributing flyers, organizing rosary rallies, and holding signs at busy intersections to alert the American public about the dangers of socialism.

Mission Accomplished, Thank God

TFP Student Action 2010 campaign highlights Every prayer, every sacrifice and every action made a difference in 2010. TFP Student Action is most grateful to its dedicated members and friends who joined us in the spiritual crusade for moral values this year.