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Imperial Prince Sends Letter to Pope After Socialist Subversives Get Vatican Welcome


With Obamacare and Common Core education, Americans are not the only ones worried about a socialist upsurge.

Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza, whose great-grandmother abolished slavery in Brazil, is also concerned. The Imperial Prince of Brazil, a loyal Catholic, sent a respectful yet eye-opening 12-page letter to Pope Francis on February 8, after a team of radical socialist agitators from Brazil were invited by the Vatican for a seminar.

Here is the complete document: Quo vadis, Domine? Reverent and Filial Message to His Holiness Pope Francis from Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza

The well-documented letter explains what the Marxist activists welcomed by the Holy See really want on an international scale: Cuban style communism and the subversion of law and order. It also details how the Latin American groups they represent, the Landless Workers Movement (MST) and La Via Campesina are notorious for engaging in criminal activity, invading private property, stirring up violent class struggle, destroying crops, and vandalizing centers of agro-research.

"For this reason," the Prince writes, "it was with consternation that I learned that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences invited Mr. João Pedro Stédile, MST national coordinator and representative of Via Campesina, to participate in its seminar on The Emergence of the Socially Excluded, which was held in Rome on December 5, 2013, and with travel expenses paid for by the Vatican."

"This consternation has spread in Catholic circles," the letter observes, "since the well-known MST agitator used the event as a tribune to promote his erroneous principles and false solutions based on the Marxist premise of class struggle and on the utopia of a collectivist society."

The message continues: "I cannot fail to ask, Holy Father, why was this harbinger of a viscerally anti-Christian revolutionary utopia and promoter of the systematic breaking of the law invited by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences?"

Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza believes Catholics will be even more disconcerted to know that Pope Francis recorded a video message for members of Via Campesina in which he exhorts them to "carry on."

Here's the video in Spanish from MST's own video channel

Another guest speaker welcomed at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences seminar was Juan Grabois, a leftist Argentine activist who "believes all property is theft" and "dreams with a heavily planned socialism."

"It is no less perplexing that, the day after his talk, Grabois was invited by Your Holiness for a private audience, during which you recorded the above-mentioned video greeting to La Via Campesina, and a second one promoting the Excluded Workers Movement, founded and directed by a convinced neo-Marxist activist," the Imperial Prince writes.

"Solving the present economic crisis and reducing poverty in the world will not be accomplished by 'environmentalist' and neo-Marxist programs," the Imperial Prince observers.

"If the problem is the emergence of the excluded, then Cuba is precisely the counter-model to be avoided at all costs, lest the whole world be turned into a society of really excluded miserable ones: excluded from well-being, political life, culture, the freedom to travel, and, above all, from the free and unhindered practice of the Catholic Faith on the island-prison."

According to the Prince, the poor are not duped by leftist daydreaming. "The poor want nothing to do with such a nightmare. And for this reason they do not allow themselves to be taken in by the day-dreams of the MST or MTE no matter how much they cloak their revolutionary preaching in the fake Christian trappings of clearly Marxist-oriented Liberation Theology."

The document references the teaching of John Paul II and previous Popes who unambiguously condemn Liberation Theology and socialism and expresses deep concern regarding recent developments within the Church to embrace radical socialist leaders.

Addressing Pope Francis, the letter continues: "Your Holiness gradually defines the directions of your pontificate. It is only natural that the faithful attentively follow the steps being taken in this sense. Facing the inevitable perplexities that every change naturally produces, it is understandable that many will ask, deep in their hearts, the question that, as legend has it, Saint Peter himself asked when, fleeing Nero’s persecution, he met Our Lord Jesus Christ walking in the opposite direction: Quo vadis, Domine?—Whither goest Thou, Lord?"

"Upon hearing Our Lord’s answer that He was going to Rome to be crucified again, Saint Peter understood that the moment for his own martyrdom had come. And he thus subjected himself to the torture with great humility, asking the executioners—according to a pious tradition—to crucify him upside down because he did not deem himself worthy of suffering a death like Christ’s in all its details.

"Finally, the letter concludes: "In view of all the facts described at length above, and of the perplexities that they raise, a Catholic faithful could come to address Your Holiness the same question—Quo vadis, Domine?"

Read the full document: Quo vadis, Domine? Reverent and Filial Message to His Holiness Pope Francis from Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza