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Young Catholics Fight Socialism in California

More and more young Americans are standing up against the evils of socialism. This video features a TFP Student Action campaign against socialism in California and additional states, emphasizing the importance of prayer as a means to restore true freedom and return to order.

From the ideological or philosophical standpoint, there is no substantial difference between communism and socialism. The founders of modern communism, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, called themselves socialists.

The Soviet Union called itself the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Communist China, Cuba and Vietnam likewise define themselves as socialist regimes. Socialism can be applied in varying degrees. Thus, in practice, there can be a difference between an incomplete application of socialism and full-blown communism, which is socialism taken to its ultimate consequences.

Not only does Socialism not work, but communism-socialism is a wicked, anti-Christian revolution that left a death toll of at least 100 million victims.