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What do New Yorkers Think about the Police after Marxist Defunding Efforts?

Don’t trust The New York Times to tell you what real New Yorkers think about defunding the police. Instead, try stepping into the street and meeting people face to face on the issue. That’s what TFP Student Action volunteers did recently. And their experience was extraordinary.

We Will Never Forget

TFP volunteers made their way through heavy traffic to Manhattan’s 1st Precinct, the police station that first responded to the tragic 9/11 terrorist attack. Outside police headquarters, they displayed signs: “God bless those who serve with honor,” “Honk for our police,” and “Order, Yes – Anarchy, No.”

As soon as the policemen heard the TFP bagpipers and loud honking outside, they invited them in. “This is a huge a morale booster,” said one of the police officers. Inside the precinct was a newly dedicated museum to the heroes of 9/11. But better than the museum was the honor TFP volunteers had to meet a living hero, a policeman who went into the burning towers several times, saving more than thirty people.

In the museum, the unassuming officer pointed out clothing and other items that belonged to the police officers who sacrificed their lives on that fateful day. There was also the hood of a destroyed patrol vehicle.

In gratitude for the Saint Michael medals and support, the commanding officer gave TFP volunteers New York Police Department pins.

“Doing God’s Work!”

At three different locations in New York City, TFP Student Action held campaigns to support law enforcement. At Penn Station, pedestrians and drivers showed enormous support. One woman on the street happened to be on a video call with her son in Colorado, a police officer. She showed him the campaign on her phone and expressed her gratitude.

“God bless the police,” said another. “They are doing God’s work!”

Police officers blared sirens in gratitude, and undercover officers discreetly flashed their badges.

One driver was reluctant to honk.
“Why don’t you honk your horn?” asked a TFP volunteer.
“You’re not supposed to honk in New York City.”
“Just do it once for the men who put themselves on the line for us.”
“Okay,” he replied, blaring his horn with hundreds of others.

Overwhelming Support

Staten Island was off-the-charts supportive. Seconds after TFP members stepped out of their van, the thunderous honking erupted. For two hours, almost every driver blared their horn. You couldn’t hear yourself talk and some TFP volunteers developed minor headaches from the high decibel levels.

Neighborhood teenagers on bicycles came to see what the noise was about. They soon found the campaign more entertaining than their bike ride and spent time encouraging drivers to honk for the police.

At this location, two retired firemen joined the campaign. “You are braver than any cop or firemen I have ever met,” said one of them. “You just go out and say the truth without fear.”

A moving car threw eggs at TFP volunteers. However, the eggs missed their intended target and spattered on the pavement.

From a former criminal came this unexpected comment: “Even when l was a criminal l would not say ‘defund the police.’ I have been caught more than once doing illegal activities. [But] God tells me l need to respect the law for the better of mankind.”

Why do New Yorkers love their police?

New Yorkers understand that original sin exists. They know evil people take advantage of unsuspecting victims. They also know that when things go bad, they can always count on the police to come to their aid and put their lives on the line. When civilians usually run away from danger, the police deliberately run towards it. The heroes who gave their lives responding to the September 11 terrorist attack are proof of their courage and sacrifice.

Without law enforcement, society would fall much faster into disorder and anarchy. New Yorkers understand this. Most Americans understand this. The solution to the crisis in society is not to destroy the last vestiges of order but to restore them. The real solution is to turn back to God.

Saint Michael, patron of police officers, pray for us!