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Free Cuba Campaign at Gettysburg College

During the summer, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) launched a nationwide campaign to free the Cuban people from the communism, which has enslaved them for more than 62 years. Campaign goals: Denounce communism and its immoral ideology, support the poor Cuban people, and urge the White House to take effective measure to help free Cuba.

On August 30, TFP Student Action volunteers set up a campaign at Gettysburg College as an extra effort to gather more signatures for the Free Cuba Now effort.

The majority of students were indifferent, even after they heard about Cuba’s dismal situation. Ironically, from the comfort of their campus, some “arm-chair” leftist students defended communism in Cuba and welcomed its destructive and egalitarian leveling of private property in America.

Debates erupted on all sides about the U.S. embargo on Cuba, foreign policy, American leadership, property rights, isolationism, and socialism. At least one student mentioned that his leftist positions had been seriously tested. He was compelled to reevaluate his beliefs. This positive outcome is the work of God’s grace at the hands of Our Lady.

Fortunately, dozens of students sympathized for the Cuban people and understood the need to fight and defeat communism at home and abroad.

Just as classes begun, TFP volunteers arrived on campus, not wasting any time to jump into the fray and promote the truth. May the Queen of Heaven, Mary Most Holy, bless this spiritual crusade and help us in the battle for moral values on college campuses across America.