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Pro-Abortion Students Get Cozy with Satan

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In face of pro-abortion infanticide bills promoted around the country, TFP Student Action is touring campuses to defend innocent life. The most recent campaign occurred at the liberal George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Last time TFP Student Action visited GWU to address the threat of transgender tyranny, some students responded with fits of rage. This time, as TFP volunteers approached the site of the campaign, one student said, "Oh my, here we go again!" as he started to make calls on his phone.

TFP members quickly unrolled their big banner, "Prayer and Reparation for the Sin of Abortion," and started handing out the flyers titled "10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn."

Then opposition arrived. One pro-abortion man rushed toward the TFP members while cursing and mocking. But once the debate started, his "convictions" soon crumbled. Thirty minutes later, his behavior changed significantly and he even apologized. "I'm sorry for insulting you [TFP volunteers] at the beginning," he said. "I have a lot to think about now. Thank you for talking to me."

A group of abortion advocates formed a counter-protest across the street from the campaign. They shouted insults, curses and blasphemies. Shaking with rage, one pro-abortion woman in the this crowd -- who claimed to be transgender -- said that killing an unborn child with abortion was the same as killing bacteria on your hands with hand sanitizer. This same woman also screamed, "Hail Satan!" and stated that she had worked with the "Church of Satan" a few times.

The dots were connected: The culture of death and satanism.

TFP member Gregory Oehl was debating with a group of students when one of them said, "Don't make it a question of life or we will lose." Mr. Oehl called them out: "You don't want to make it a question of whether it's a life or not because deep down inside you know it's a child and if you admit that, then people would not support you."

One man demonstrated his lack of reason by eating one of the pro-life flyers.

Everyone heard the thud! Another man kicked TFP volunteer Casey Boudreaux, and the sign he was holding which stated "Smile! you survived abortion."

One woman claimed that if a mother was experiencing "emotional stress" due to a pregnancy, she should have the right to "choose" the death of the child. When a TFP volunteer gave the example of a similar circumstance of an adult causing emotional stress to another adult, the woman said that the person who is emotionally affected should have the right to kill the adult person.

How will George Washington University and other institutions of higher learning form true leaders if their students insist on attacking basic moral values? What will happen if our wayward culture continues to enforce radical relativism?

All good men must stand up and proclaim the truth with courage. The struggle for the soul of America is too important to ignore. As Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

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