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Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion Clash on George Washington University Campus

What is better than going to an extremely liberal college campus to defend the unborn and getting mobbed and heckled? Well, going to the same leftist campus again. And that is what TFP Student Action volunteers did on day two of their week-long pro-life caravan.

On October 26, TFP members went to George Washington University in Washington, D.C. At this same campus two years ago, pro-life warriors met an unruly mob that spat, threw soda, cursed, and hurled various objects at them. Would their experience today be similar?

“They’re Back!”

Before the campaign started, a leftist ring-leader who had helped lead the pro-abortion mob last time recognized a few TFP members who met inside the Marvin Center. His expression turned to shock and disbelief as he looked at the four young TFP members who wore lion pins on their lapels, a symbol of the organization. Now the cat was out of the bag.

On the sidewalk outside, recognition was immediate. “Oh no, they’re back,” students whispered as they walked by. One young man said: “I remember you from last time. Thank you so much. I have been following your YouTube channel ever since.”

Brewing Storm

Scattered debates broke out. Agitated feminists (including a few participating males) began to scream and curse. The same man who recognized the TFP members before the campaign walked up, took a bite out of an apple, and chucked it at one of the volunteers, narrowly missing his head. It smashed into the TFP banner that reads, “Pray and Act to End the Sin of Abortion,” leaving a mark of juicy residue. TFP members shouted “aggressor!” and he disappeared only to reappear later sheepishly staring from behind a light post.

Satanists and Genocide

As the pro-aborts became more agitated, they formed a counter-protest that quickly turned into a mob. They swarmed the volunteers and their banner. Debates broke out in all directions, a challenge TFP volunteers enjoy.

The lack of cohesive thought on the pro-abortion side was apparent.

“I think we should kill more babies,” said one.

“[are you saying] we should kill innocent people?” asked a TFP member.

“Yes,” was the reply.

“What about genocide?”

“Yeah, I think it’s awesome.”

After twerking immorally on the sidewalk in front of the TFP banner, another feminist shrieked, “Hail Satan! I am a proud member of the Satanic Temple.”

“St. Michael, pray for us! St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, pray for us!” was the response.

One pro-abortion advocate claimed that abortion is okay because the preborn baby depends on his mother to survive. Dependency, he argued, gives the mother the right to kill her offspring. But the discussion took an interesting turn: “Are astronauts less human because they depend on their spacesuits for survival?” The argument ended.

A very supportive man observed how TFP members put up with retaliation and mockery to defend what is true, moral, and right. He said: “Our Lord was crucified, so what should we expect.”

“The Foolish Laugh at the Faith”

As foul insults and swearing increased, TFP members prayed a decade of the holy rosary. Shamelessly the mob made fun of the rosary and blasphemed against the Blessed Virgin Mary. After praying the decade, TFP volunteers sang “We Want God.” One of the verses fit the situation well: “The foolish laugh at the faith; in vain they rise against the Lord.”

Several police officers arrived to monitor the growing mob of students who no longer fit on the sidewalk but spilled out into the street. As the pro-abortion side became more aggressive and unruly, more police officers with the Special Operations Division (SOD) arrived on motorcycles to maintain order. Their professionalism was appreciated.

The Legend of TFP

Finally, the campaign wrapped up. But as the pro-life crusaders walked towards their vehicles, the pro-death mob followed and heckled. Unperturbed by their taunts, TFP volunteers sang God Bless America and played the bagpipes.

Eventually, the police had to discourage the pro-aborts from pestering the stalwart young men of TFP Student Action.

This campaign showed that the legend of TFP Student Action campaigns stays in the minds of those who come across them, whether they agree or disagree. When the truth is proclaimed with holy boldness, it reverberates in the souls of men, and its echo remains long after the event is over.

This campaign in defense of God’s holy law – “though shalt not kill” – will remain in the memory of many more students at George Washington University. For those who love God, it will be a joyful reminder that we must fight the good fight. But for the liberals, it might be a bitter thought knowing that TFP Student Action is already planning its next visit to campus.