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VIDEO: Police Protect Pro-Life Marchers in Manhattan from Vile Pro-Abortion Anarchists


Pro-abortion agitators tried to stop the Gift of Life Walk in Manhattan, which took place on March 25, feast of the Annunciation. Their attempt to stifle free speech, however, failed as a throng of peaceful pro-lifers walked down the Canyon of Heroes through the financial district of New York City.

Before the march kicked off, pro-life leaders addressed the assembly with motivating speeches. That’s when masked leftists arrived with pride flags and blasphemous signs against God. They made noise, shouted vulgar insults, and blocked the street with garbage and dumpsters. Chaos was their objective.

But the pro-lifers stayed calm and focused. The TFP marching band – including bagpipes – played patriotic and Marian hymns, prayed the Rosary and chanted “Viva Cristo Rey!” and “Viva Maria Santisima!”

Hatred for God, the Police, and America

One of the Catholic priests leading the Rosary during the march was harassed by a masked agitator who blasted a speaker in his ear. Another agitator, wearing a “Defund the Police” mask, attempted to throw his bicycle at a police officer, and was subsequently pinned down and zip-tied.

Another non-peaceful leftist dragged a ripped American flag on the muddy streets. When the pro-abortion agitators saw an American flag in pristine condition carried respectfully by a pro-life New Yorker, he verbally attacked him, shouting: “f*** your flag.” Those who call for abortion on demand, also display a visceral hatred for the Holy Catholic Church and for America and its respectable institutions.

As the march concluded, one pro-abortion agitator attempted to tear down a TFP banner, but those holding the pro-life banner chanted “AGGRESSOR” in unison, pointing him out to police.

Within the heart of Manhattan, the International Gift of Life Walk sponsored by Personhood Education New York is an annual event that proclaims the truth: abortion is immoral and must be opposed in word and deed. All New Yorkers of good will are invited to unite and fight the good fight to make abortion.