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Pro-Transgender Students Respond to Peaceful TFP Campaign With Violence

Pro-transgender student threatens TFP volunteers:
“If I wouldn’t get caught, I'd kill them all."

April 3 was a sunny morning when thirteen TFP Student Action volunteers, equipped with pro-family fliers and enthusiasm, reached the "Trustees Gate" at George Washington University in downtown Washington, D.C. They positioned themselves on the sidewalk in front of the entrance and unfurled their 14-foot-long banner. Its bold letters spelled a clear message, "God created them male & female. (Gen. 5:2) Stop the ravages of transgender ideology." To begin, as is the custom for every TFP campaign, they prayed three Hail Marys and gave the rally cry, "Tradition, Family, Property -- America!"

The "Tolerant" Get Violent

Not long after the campaign commenced, a group of students approached the banner and asked for a flier. They congregated in a circle to read it. “I got you a dollar if you spit on one of them,” said one. Another added, "If I wouldn’t get caught, I’d kill them all." His friends, hearing the threat, responded with amusement and laughter.

Minutes later, they came up to TFP volunteer Bentley Hatchett to dispute several points, which he readily explained, politely emphasizing the importance of objective truth over relativistic fantasies promoted by transgenderism. No sooner had he finished when some students began to name call and swear.

It seems the famous marketplace of ideas has been reduced to a liberal echo-chamber where moral values are forbidden. In fact, several students shouted: "You don't belong here,", "Why are you here?" and "Is this some sort of joke?"

With the hard-hitting handout, 10 Reasons Why Transgenderism Is the Family's Worst Enemy, TFP volunteers stood their ground and explained why transgender ideology is harmful to society. Many students, however, simply stood in disbelief. Those who argued repeated the same questions and insults. One man put the same query to four volunteers in a row, getting essentially the same answers each time. “What about you?” he said to a young lady who had been intently listening to the discussion. “I absolutely agree with them [TFP],” she replied. In a daze, the man walked away. The young lady warmly greeted each TFP volunteer, stating, “I want to thank you for being here. What you’re doing is very brave. Too many students accept everything they are told. It’s really hard to be a student here.”

Dozens of pro-transgender students and professional D.C. area agitators appeared on scene to stifle the exercise of free speech. They attempted to block the banner with LGBT flags and makeshift signs that contained vulgar messages such as “F*** these guys.” Several held a banner that read, “Respect existance or expect resistance” (they misspelled “existence”). Ironically, some screamed obscenities and insults while at the same time others chanted, “No fear! No hate! Everyone is welcome here!” That is, everyone except God, reality, truth and logic.

To reduce the din of the constant swearing, two TFP volunteers took out their bagpipes and played patriotic songs. This caused the counter-protestors to swell with anger. In an attempt to counteract this, a male student dressed as a woman brought in a portable speaker from which he blasted punk music. Some counter protestors then began dancing to the “music” in a lewd manner. The contrast between the controlled conduct of the TFP volunteers and the agitated, vulgar, and irrational behavior of the pro-transgender activists was evident.

When Did Biology Become "Hate"?

“This is hate! This is hate!” an incensed woman cried again and again as she aggressively jabbed a TFP volunteer’s chest with her finger.
"How is our message of common sense and truth hateful or harmful?" he asked.
Rather than responding, she only screamed louder.

Although TFP Student Action members found themselves arguing with as many as ten students at once, they were able to stand their ground and expose the absurdity of transgender ideology, using common sense and the principles of the faith.

The following exchange sums up how reason is vanishing:

TFP volunteer: “Women are XX and men are XY, and you can’t change that.”
Liberal: “That’s totally different from gender. Gender is whatever you feel.”
TFP volunteer: “If I can be whatever I feel, can I be a tree?”
Liberal: “Yes, you can be a tree.”
TFP volunteer: “Then would you treat me as a tree if I said I was one?”
Liberal: “Sure! How does you being a tree hurt anyone?”

When LGBT advocates couldn’t answer the volunteers’ counter-arguments, many employed the leftist tactic of using personal attacks. While insisting that the TFP had no right to judge others, pro-transgender students had no problem labeling them as pedophiles, science-deniers, murderers, and even insulted them on the basis of race.

Woman: “Look at you! You’re all white!”
One volunteer, pointing to a fellow TFP member said, “We’re both Mexican. But even if none of us were white, would that change your view?”
Woman: “That’s even worse! You’re a traitor to your race! You should be supporting us!”

Pro-Transgender Advocate Gets Arrested

A pro-transgender activist was arrested by the police after physically assaulting the author, who was distributing fliers on the other side of the street. The attacker let loose a barrage of profanities before grabbing me by the back and ripping off my cape – the symbol of the TFP on campaign.

Another student accepted a flier from volunteer Matthew Shibler only to turn around and slap him in the face with it. Interestingly enough, right afterwards, several people suddenly came up and asked for a copy of the flier.

Mr. Hatchett was also slapped with fliers several times. A counter-protestor snatched a stack out of his hand and dumped them into a nearby garbage bin.

One woman tore several fliers to shreds and scattered the pieces over the heads of two TFP volunteers as if it were confetti. There were cases of spitting as well. Yet, despite all of these unpleasant experiences, the pro-family campaigners continued with smiles and courtesy.

Pockets of Support

“Great job, guys!” said an enthusiastic man after receiving a flier. “You guys are awesome! Keep it up!”

“Thank you all for coming here. I support you all being here,” said a student, adding with a satirical grin, “I think you’re very brave in bringing an opposing opinion to all these [liberal] snowflakes and flurries. It’s good for them.”

“Don’t tell anyone else, but I support you,” another student whispered in the ear of a volunteer. Many other students who were afraid to speak out discreetly gave nods, thumbs-ups, and winks to let us know they stood with the TFP.

As the campaign was wrapping up, the police officer who had been overseeing the rally approached and said, “Thank you all for exercising your first amendment rights in such a peaceful and respectful manner.” He was thanked in return for his service and given a Saint Michael the Archangel medal.

The unruly group of pro-transgender advocates followed the TFP Student Action volunteers to the edge of the campus as they taunted, jeered, and yelled. The volunteers responded in turn by invoking St. Michael the Archangel aloud.

While the rash of violence is becoming more prevalent on liberal college campuses, advocates of the family should turn to God, knowing that He will give us all the strength and courage to fight for moral values with increasing zeal and dedication.

In the words of St. Joan of Arc, “The soldiers will fight, and God will give the victory.”