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3 Reasons Why Catholics Can’t Support Black Lives Matter

Did you know the Catholic Church was the institution that broke the back of “systemic” slavery in the ancient pagan world for the first time in history? The argument the Church advanced back then was simple: Everyone is created with an immortal soul redeemed by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In other words, all souls matter. That’s why the Church went forth to convert all nations. The Church has a long and honorable history of seeking after the salvation of souls wherever they might be, even to the ends of the earth. She never wavered in her conviction that all souls matter.

Thus, Catholics are by their nature anti-racist. They ardently desire the salvation of all souls, without exception, regardless of race.

But doubts arise with “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). Attached to this label are causes and philosophies that clash with the Church’s solicitude for the salvation of souls.

The following reasons will show you why Catholics cannot embrace the Black Lives Matter cause and still be faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

#1. BLM is Pro-Abortion

The BLM movement does not care about the innocent lives of preborn black babies. In fact, its militants, sympathizers, media supporters, business CEO enablers, and fellow travelers are all part of the pro-abortion establishment.

Catholics know that every innocent life and every immortal soul matters. Therefore, as long as the BLM movement continues to trample the Fifth Commandment, their cause is tainted and unworthy of support.

#2. BLM Attacks the Family

BLM officially pledges to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…”

This direct attack against the family is harmful. Because children, families, and communities don’t flourish with absent fathers, struggling single mothers, and broken families. Yet BLM activists do not seem to care about restoring marriage and family to its proper order and dignity.

Behind BLM’s “queer‐affirming network,” which claims to be free from “heteronormative thinking,” Catholics discern the anti-Christian paradigm. Therefore, their cause is unacceptable to anyone who believes in God’s marriage between one man and one woman.

#3. BLM Promotes Marxism

BLM promotes a secular narrative steeped in the Marxist class-struggle dialectic of its two Marxist co-founders. The movement adopts a false worldview where everything is explained by dividing society into oppressors and oppressed and mutual hatred between the two camps.

This cold, deterministic and materialistic narrative stands against the Catholic worldview. The Church explains so much by things spiritual, sacramental, and supernatural. The perspective informed by the love of God and neighbor is the easiest path to understand the just and harmonious relationships that can and should exist among humanity’s various races and ethnicities.

In contrast, Marxist egalitarianism only fuels more division. That’s why BLM demonstrations are marked by explosions of hatred, violence, destruction of property, obscenity, Bible desecration, U.S, flag burnings, and even chants of “death to America.”

Black Lives Matter is the wrong fight lead by the wrong people.
We don’t want more socialism and more communism.
We don’t want more abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism.

The racial issue is extremely important, but it melds into a generalized moral crisis. To think that a solution can be found without a general moral conversion is a pipe dream.

The only option is a return to God.

Video: BLM activists attack statue of King St. Louis IX in St. Louis, Missouri.