Yes! I Will Sign the St. Michael Prayer Pledge to Protect Police Officers

  • August 07, 2020
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Just as St. Michael cast the demons out of Heaven and restored order, police officers have the duty to restore order on earth.

But, unfortunately, police officers all over the country are under attack by neo-Marxist rioters, anarchists, leftist media and government officials who want to defund and abolish law enforcement altogether.

Please help TFP Student Action launch a nationwide prayer campaign to support our police officers at this time of civil unrest and lawless revolution.

Simply Sign & Share The Prayer Pledge for the Police

“More than 700 law enforcement officers have been injured on the job during nationwide protests…” (The New York Post)

Some law enforcement officers lost their lives, others are in critical condition. Yet, despite their great courage, those who serve are receiving little public gratitude. The unappreciated must do the incredible and face the unthinkable to protect the ungrateful.

We must do something. Police officers are the guardians of law and order against chaos and anarchy. That’s why Satan, the first revolutionary and father of anarchy, and his minions, hate them so much.

The best thing everyone can do right now is enlist the help of St. Michael.

So please register your prayer to St. Michael the Archangel for the police today!

With your prayer pledge, TFP Student Action volunteers will be able to boost the morale of our police force – especially during prayer rallies outside police stations across the country. When officers hear that you and so many others are praying for them, they will be delighted and encouraged.

Thank you for fighting the good fight.
Saint Michael, pray for us!

Rally for the Police: If you want to organize a rosary rally for the police on Sept. 26 in your area, please request your a special banner here.

(Police officers photo attribution)