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Pro-Life Volunteers at UPitt Spark Support and Hatred

After a series of pro-life campaigns through the state of Michigan, volunteers with TFP Student Action concluded a busy week with a stop at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania for a final pro-life campaign on October 28, 2019.

The weather was perfect, as the young volunteers set up beside the Cathedral of Learning on Bigelow Street. A banner with the message “Pray and Act to End the Sin of Abortion” helped to attract attention to the campaign.

In a short time, students on campus starting reacting.
A woman yelled out: “I’m pro-choice!”
“So you want to kill babies?” asked a volunteer.
The woman shocked everyone around her by responding, “I want to kill you!”

Despite the usual cursing and occasional spitting by pro-abortion advocates, this campaign received a lot of support from students. The president of the on-campus pro-life group came out and expressed her gratitude. A professor said, “What really attracted me to your campaign was the bagpipes. Thank you so much for standing up for the unborn!” Many students who felt they could not express their views against the sin of abortion on the campus were strengthened and visibly encouraged.

Hurrying to class, one student stopped to say, “I commend you for standing out here. It takes character and we need men of character.”

About an hour into the campaign, opposition formed. Two students brought out a rainbow flag and stood next to the TFP pro-life banner. Moments later a student wrapped in a transgender flag arrived. Soon a counter-protest assembled complete with makeshift signs proclaiming abortion as a women’s “right.” The fact that pro-homosexual and pro-transgender advocates came out with their flags to protest shows how the sexual revolution is a single movement.

A pro-abortion student called the police asking them to kick TFP Student Action volunteers off the campus. When a policeman finally did show up the pro-abortion crowd was devastated when he shook hands with the pro-family volunteers. “Keep going to the gym to pump those weights,” said the officer, “because you need to be able to defend those who can’t defend themselves.”

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Towards the end of the campaign, the pro-abortion advocates became more emboldened; one of them angrily told a volunteer “Go abort yourself.” Realizing that a TFP member was filming the event, three pro-abortion women tried to grab his camera. Another pro-abortion student threw water all over one of the volunteers and fled. Responses like these are all too common from the pro-abortion side, especially when their flawed arguments are unmasked in public.

Finally, the campaign concluded with a prayer, and the team of TFP volunteers calmly departed strengthened in their resolve to never give up the fight for the unborn.