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Pro-Lifers Don’t Stop Marching Against Abortion

Despite the cancellation of the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., hundreds of indomitable pro-lifers took to the streets of Philadelphia on January 23, and TFP Student Action volunteers joined them with a contingent of pipes and drums.

Watch a video of the march here:

Sponsored by the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, the event attracted souls determined to continue fighting the good fight to end abortion, despite the obstacles and restrictions imposed on society because of Covid-19.

After fortifying themselves spiritually with the Holy Eucharist at the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, marchers were ready for the 1.3-mile trek from the Cathedral to Independence Hall. Braving frigid temperatures, the marchers paused to pray in front of Philadelphia Women's Center, where over 6,500 abortions are performed each year, about 22 per day. The death-escorts lined the front of the clinic, wearing rainbow vests, which confirms the link between abortion and unnatural vice.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Along the way, shopkeepers came out of their shops to see what was happening. Music echoed off the tall buildings as TFP bagpipers and drummers encouraged the marchers with Marian hymns and patriotic marches. At intervals, TFP band director Gregory Escaro shouted the Catholic battle cry of the Cristero martyrs to uplift everyone’s spirit.
“Viva Cristo Rey!
“Viva!” responded hundreds.
“Viva Maria Santisima!”
“Viva!” came the enthusiastic cry.

Opposition was minimal. The only disturbance was a tiny group of pro-abortionists standing in the middle of the road. Their banner was against “forced motherhood.” They chanted a sickening ditty: “Women have the right to live; women have the right to choose. Women have the right to have the child and they have the right to refuse.” Pro-lifers nearby responded with their own slogans such as: “Choose chastity!” – “We are the pro-life generation!” – and by praying the Our Father.

Moral Values Are the Solution

The Culture of Death delivers nothing but destruction. Nearly fifty years of legal abortion has removed all doubt: society is in crisis, the breakdown of the family is tragic, and abortion is one of the sins that feeds the advance of the sexual revolution. Therefore, everyone who loves God must continue to proclaim the truth, stand up for God’s Holy Law, and defend the innocent. With great resolve we should denounce the cycle of lies built on Roe v. Wade and promote the best solution to extract ourselves from the current crisis: moral values. If America embraces virtue, we can expect God to bless our nation.

During the march, TFP volunteers shared a statement titled “As Our National Consensus Crumbles: Hope in Fatima and a Return to God.” The handout was eagerly received on the streets of Philadelphia.

“We’re a small army, but an army nonetheless,” said one lady.

Another added: “Keep praying, keep fighting, and trust in God.”

The future does not belong to the Culture of Death.

Indeed, as one sign at the march affirmed, “the future is anti-abortion.”