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Big Picture Analysis of the Coronavirus Pandemic

40% of the world’s entire population is on lockdown.  America and the world face a turning point that will define generations to come. Beyond the suffering and the death toll, the coronavirus pandemic might trigger big changes – changes we haven’t seen in 2,000 years.

Like most Americans, you probably have a lot of questions.

  • Is the government respecting the common good with such a severe lockdown?
  • Are we inching closer to a one-world socialist dictatorship?
  • If Churches remain closed, what will happen to the spiritual common good? 
  • How far can the government go to restrict your personal freedom? 
  • Why is the communist Chinese Model of social control being praised so much?
  • And, are we being manipulated by exaggerated fear and media hype?

These are big picture questions which the American TFP answers in a recent study titled: Warning! A Virus Threatens America’s Future and Christian Civilization.

The radical left is openly planning a new post-Covid world.  They say the world “will never be the same.”  They want to make the world more egalitarian, more eco-friendly, and more socialist.  Their new world vision will neither correct past mistakes nor consider a return to order based on natural law and the principles of organic Christian society. Instead, liberals dream of a one-world police state -- first in the area of public health, then in ecology, politics and, finally, even in philosophy and religion.

The same people who claim that we need better hospitals to save every life – insist that abortion mills must stay open because killing innocent preborn babies is essential business. 

And the radical Left is not hiding its goal anymore.  They’re making a mad dash to de-develop and dismantle all progress and civilization. They aim to move humanity to the tribal life promoted by the choristers of post-Marxist liberation theology.

Therefore, the American TFP published an 8-page document to warn public opinion against this great danger.  The 10-point analysis is based on the principles of Catholic social doctrine.  

You are invited to read the entire statement here.

God bless you and let’s continue to pray and fight for America.