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Pro-Abort Spits at Those Who Pray to End Abortion at Penn State


What is it like to oppose the sin of abortion on a liberal campus? Members of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) would soon find out when they traveled to Penn State University’s main campus on March 8, 2021.

Watch the video:

At the Allen Street Gates, the TFP battle cry echoed down the side roads: “Tradition, family, property! …America! America! America!”

“Smile! You Survived Abortion!”

The murmuring street noise was pierced with pro-family slogans. Volunteer Joseph Gensens called out: “Smile!” And TFP members responded: “You survived abortion!” The group had two signs with this catchphrase on it, in addition to a unique TFP “honk against abortion” sign designed to connect with drivers.

TFP Student Action volunteers began engaging with students and even the drivers at the intersection, talking to them and giving them flyers titled 10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn. Joseph Dunlap, 19, held a sign near the intersection to make sure the drivers saw the pro-life message. Shockingly, one driver said “I love killing babies” followed by some comment about overpopulation.

Interactions Pro and Con

As a distant bell tolled noon, the streets became noticeably busier and TFP campaign participant Christian Leaf began playing the bagpipes.

“My wife and I are wanting to raise children and believe that abortion is wrong – definitely is a sin,” said a father of three who was happy to see the TFP on campus. “We are thankful that you’re out here...”

Not so pleased, a pro-abortion student sprung a barrage of insults, claiming that a preborn baby “is not a human [expletive] being.” When pinned down with the question of the child’s right to life in the womb, he poked a fact-check against campaign leader John Ritchie, asking, “are you a doctor?” Apparently, for abortion advocates, only doctors know who is and isn’t a human being.

Without warning, a pro-abortion student approached a TFP volunteer and spat at his sign. As the offender rushed away, he called those defending the unborn “sub [expletive] human.” To watch the incident on video, click here.

Pro-Life Reinforcements Arrive

After a smattering of debates and distributing many flyers, a group of brave Penn State students joined the event to pray the Rosary. During the Joyful Mysteries, a car stopped at the intersection and one of the passengers said “My body, my choice!” The trite slogan only highlighted the need to pray for America’s conversion.

After the Rosary, a woman across the street waved her hands and shouted “Thank you! Thank you!” She was enthusiastic, and not afraid to show it. “Film me,” she said. “I’m not afraid” to go on record.

From campus to campus, the fight for the restoration of a God-centered society continues. With the help of Divine Providence and the Queen of the Angels, there is no reason to be discouraged in this moral battle. Thank God the spiritual crusade to make abortion unthinkable in our beloved land moves forward with great promise. The future belongs to those who fight the good fight.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31).