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Tour for Traditional Marriage Reaches Syracuse

After campaigning for traditional marriage in Binghamton, we moved north to Syracuse, our next destination. The honking and support ratio at the intersections was good, but middle-of-the-road indifference was noticeable as well, while those who oppose God’s law were brazen, vocal and vulgar.

TFP Fall Camp: Boys Who Want the Highest Ideal

Few places rival the rugged yet majestic beauty of the Ozarks where TFP-Louisiana held its latest Call to Chivalry Fall Camp for young men and their dads. The location of the camp, perched on the edge of the Buffalo River in the heart of the Arkansan Ozarks, was perfect for the five-day adventure.

14,000 Rosary Rallies Give Hope in a World Torn by Sin and Abortion

Wow. Catholics gathered at over 14,108 different locations on October 10 to pray the Rosary in public and beg God to save America. Watch the video.

Incredible Support for True Marriage in Rome

After Mass we met a gentleman who kindly offered to lead us to one of the busiest intersections in Utica, near Sangertown Square, for our next campaign. He was glad to meet our team of young volunteers and said: “I’m so impressed. Where have you been all my life?”

Traditional Marriage Tour Rolls into New Hampshire

Today we reached New Hampshire, the Granite State. In considerably cooler weather, we campaigned for traditional marriage in Nashua, near City Hall.The rally for God's marriage looked good in the snow. Read all about it.

Pro-Homosexuals Attempt to Rip TFP Sign in Newport

Five minutes after we began campaigning on the waterfront in Newport, the police arrived and verified that our demonstration for traditional marriage was being conducted, as usual, in an orderly fashion on the public sidewalk. But it didn’t take too long before a group of pro-homosexual individuals arrived, attempting to silence our free speech. They bullied us. They cursed. And they spat at us.

Defending Traditional Marriage in Providence

On Saint Patrick’s Day, under a magnificent blue sky, we set up in front of the Rhode Island State House. The banner and traditional marriage signs looked great with the imposing capitol in the background. Although the traffic was a bit slow, people working in the surrounding state buildings looked curiously from their office windows as the sound of TFP bagpipes carried across the esplanade.

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