News - James Donlon

Boy Scouts Allow Girls to Pose as Boys with New Transgender Policy

The Boy Scouts have turned their back on God. Join the protest.

How the iPad Fad is Dumbing Down American School Children

This $1.3 billion iPad experience turned into a complete failure in one school district.

Tour for Marriage Reaches Indiana, Receives Heavy Public Support

Today we did four campaigns, all of them next to busy intersections.

Marriage Tour in Ohio Experiences Pro-Homosexual Intolerance

Today we did two campaigns in Youngstown and Stow, Ohio. Both campaigns took place at busy intersections. As we held the “Honk for traditional marriage” signs, many cars honked their approval. The good reception was steady.

I Saw the Smoke of Satan at Georgetown University on “Coming Out Day”

On October 11, I went to Georgetown University with two of my colleagues for a class project. Our mission: interview students about the annual “Coming-Out Day” on campus, which is part of a month-long pro-homosexual celebration known as “OUTober.”

Values Voter Summit Gathers True Conservatives

It was encouraging to see thousands of Americans united to defend moral values and oppose the socialization of our culture. As this event attested, there is a ponderable counter-revolutionary reaction in the United States.