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TFP Chivalry Camp in the Shadow of the Sequoias

The majesty of the giant trees, the rugged beauty of the mountains, and the marvelous star-studded skies at night made the adventure absolutely unforgettable.

Chivalry is Alive in the Great Lakes Region

Throughout the camp, the boys were given fencing lessons, played vigorous sessions of field games such as steal the bacon, capture the flag, prison break, British bulldogs, blind “chariot” races, shield ball, circular dodge-ball, wheelbarrow races and relay races.

Rally Against Socialism at the University of Delaware

May God protect American from socialism.

Those "Tolerant" Students Show Unqualified Hatred of Catholic Church

Self-identified lesbian: “[bleep] the Catechism and [bleep] you! The Catholic Church is wrong! [Bleep] the Catholic Church!”

Standing up for Moral Values at Gettysburg College

TFP Student Action volunteers went to Gettysburg College to promote moral values and collect petitions to Pope Francis.

Call to Chivalry Winter Camp Celebrates New Year With Focus on Saint Michael

To usher in the New Year, the TFP hosted a Call to Chivalry Winter Camp for young men from around the country.

Admiring the Ruins of Christendom

In June I joined three of my TFP Student Action colleagues for a two-month trip to Europe where the French TFP kindly hosted us.