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Tour for Marriage Reaches Indiana, Receives Heavy Public Support

Cleveland, Ohio

April 23, 2014

Today we did four campaigns, all of them next to busy intersections. No major incidents occurred.  It was quite cold and windy, but it warmed up a little after lunch. One interesting thing happened, however, during the last campaign: a family with several young children walked up to Oliver Plunkett. They were overjoyed to see us and explained that they had walked out of a cinema, and heard the bagpipes.  Then they recognized the TFP from videos they had watched before.

South Bend, Indiana

April 24, 2014

We did two campaigns today, as well as a short campaign at the University of Notre Dame. After the campaign at Notre Dame, we went to a nearby intersection.  Soon after setting up, a policeman drove up, stopped his car, and pointing to our banner, exclaimed, “God’s law comes first!” He then shook Peter Miller’s hand firmly and thanked him.  Another man, from California, asked John Ritchie to take a picture of him as he posed next to our signs for marriage. He was very happy with the campaign.  Later, John Ritchie struck up a conversation with a nearby hotdog-stand owner. The man remarked how he was in favor of the campaign. He also mentioned that he was once asked to cater for an event. He asked his wife to look into the people hosting the event, and she found out that it was an openly pro-homosexual event.  He said that he immediately decided against it: “I will never do that. They can sue me if they want, but I do not care. All they will get is a hot dog.”
Also during the campaign, a man walked by Oliver Plunkett, who offered him a flyer. He refused and threw a few arguments. Mr. Plunkett asked the man if he wanted to talk about it, and if he wanted to, he could come back. The man later happened to walk by the campaign again, but this time he got confrontational. The man got in Mr. Plunkett's face and purposely stepped on his feet.  He yelled and tapped the sign. “Would you like to take this downstairs?” Mr. Plunkett obviously responded in the negative. The man yelled that he was a lawyer.  But, when he saw that we were recording the incident, he left hurriedly.
A woman also walked up and refused a flier, “No I do not want one! I believe that love is love. Everyone has the right to marry.” 

Really? So any two people who ‘love’ each other can get married?”

"Well… Yes!”
“Then can a father marry his son?!” 

She realized the absurdity of her stance, “Oh, my gosh… I am not even going to talk to you. Goodbye.” She walked away flustered.

The second campaign took place a few miles away from the previous location. It was more than a little windy. Those of us on the banner were quite happy that we had cut wind holes in it. During the campaign we received quite a bit of support. However, a man in a car belonging to a sandwich chain drove by and screamed obscenities. He later drove by again and repeated the same thing. A little later a man (we assume he was acquainted with the sandwich man) appeared on the opposite side of the street along with a homemade cardboard sign, “Love is Love.” As rain started to fall, a few more people (three, perhaps) joined the man and screamed things, which we could not hear. A little later, all but the man and a pro-homosexual woman stayed. We packed up and left, and immediately all of the car horns stopped. We passed up the two pro-homosexuals, and saw their new sign, which read: "Honk if love is love."  We strained to hear if any cars were honking for them.  And, indeed, the intersection was very silent.  Nobody was honking for them.
We are all looking forward to meeting up with the other caravan tomorrow. When there will be twenty-two TFP members together campaigning for God's marriage. We continue to pray that Saint Joseph protect us and help us to fulfill the goal of this caravan.

Saint Joseph, Head of the Holy Family,
Pray for us!