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Call to Chivalry Winter Camp Celebrates New Year With Focus on Saint Michael

To usher in the New Year, the TFP hosted a Call to Chivalry Winter Camp for young men from around the country. The theme of the event, Saint Michael the Archangel, Defend Us in Battle was centered around the Angels. And those in attendance showed keen interest in the various presentations, which highlighted the story, miracles and shrines of Saint Michael, devotion to Angels and the Catholic Church's power of exorcism.

After arriving at the Saint Louis de Montfort Academy, the boys spent two days attending talks, playing games, and discussing elevated subjects. One of the participants noted: “Many of the things about the Angels I had never heard before, such as praying to my Guardian Angel to help me with daily battles or to fight off temptations. I am definitely going to start doing that.”

The miraculous intervention of Saint Michael the Archangel to save the life of a U.S. Marine during the Korean War was illustrated with a skit, Michael, Michael of the Morning.

On New Year’s Eve, camp members traveled to Spring Grove, Penn. where the headquarters of the TFP is located. After a presentation titled “Why We Must Fight,” the boys took a whopping nap, because they were about to stay up quite late to celebrate the New Year. After rising at 11:30 PM, everyone, totaling about 65 people, gathered in the chapel to pray. Beforehand, camp coordinator Thomas Schneider explained that, as modern-day Crusaders, militant Catholics should give glory to God as the year closed and another began. He pointed out how some people in the world turn their back on God and throw wild pleasure parties to celebrate the New Year. "Here, it will be different," he said. "We will start the 2015 in prayer. Together, at midnight, we will pray the “Consecration to Jesus Christ through the hands of Mary,” composed by Saint Louis de Montfort."

After a period of prayer, the Magnificat was sung. Then, everyone made their way to the main building, a Tudor-style mansion, for refreshments. From French cheese, Italian panettone, and delicious meat, to succulent pears and hot homemade cider, the boys enjoyed the colossal snack and camaraderie immensely. Many commented how, after giving glory to God, this was a fitting way to celebrate. Christmas carols followed.

On New Year's day, after attending Mass, participants and TFP volunteers were treated to a scrumptious banquet. January 2nd was the outing day: a visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. The boys were delighted: “It's really incredible to see the variety and beauty of God’s creation," remarked one. "How could someone see all of this and think ‘there is no God.’”

Campers then took part in a pro-life, pro-marriage street campaign. The boys stood at a busy intersection, holding signs such as “Honk Against Abortion,” or “A Child is a Blessing, Not a Disease.” The rosary and short prayers to Saint Michael were recited. Many passers-by honked in support, while others showed contempt. Some boys said this campaign was the highlight of the camp, as they were able to go to the street and spiritually fight for a noble cause just as the holy Crusaders of old.

The Call to Chivalry Winter Camp was blessed with many graces from Our Lady. Not only was it enjoyable, but also a fitting way to start 2015, a time to forge new resolutions to fight for the greater glory to God, under the mantle of Saint Michael the Archangel -- captain of God's victorious armies who vanquished Satan forever.