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Catholics Defend Virgin Mary in Oklahoma as Satanists Attack Her

Faithful Catholics from several states gathered in front of City Hall in Oklahoma City on December 23 for a rosary rally of reparation organized by the American TFP and its America Needs Fatima campaign.

Deus Vult! First Call to Chivalry Summer Camp in Wisconsin a Resounding Success

Held at the historic Durward’s Glen Retreat Center in the Baraboo Hills of Wisconsin from August 12-15, the camp hosted 22 boys and 5 fathers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.

For Sake of 'Inclusion,' Saint Louis University Rips Out Statue of Fr. De Smet

Alert: To appease the new dictatorship of political correctness, the statue celebrating Fr. De Smet's heroic missionary zeal for the Indians was removed from the very Catholic campus where he once served as dean, treasurer and professor in 1829.

"Drag Show" at Catholic USD Takes Satanic Turn: 14,700 Protest the Scandal

More than 14,700 concerned students and parents signed the TFP Student Action e-protest, calling for the cancelation of a pro-homosexual "drag show" at the Catholic University of San Diego.

30 Days of Pro-Homosexual Promotion: How Un-Catholic Can Georgetown Get with 'OUTober'?

The oldest Catholic university in America reaches new low, invites stiptease performer. If the enemies of truth are able to subvert Catholic moral teaching from within, the path to sexual anarchy will be much easier to achieve.

Shocking: Pro-homosexual students launch effort to kick Catholic priest off campus for defending unborn, marriage

The persecution is now blatant. Two open homosexual students at George Washington University are calling for the dismissal of Fr. Greg Shaffer, chaplain of the Catholic Newman Center on campus.

GLBTQ club at Notre Dame: How about a Confession Club instead?

At the same time that the University of Notre Dame approved its new student organization, the Catholic University of America announced it was rejecting a very similar proposal, expressing concern that it “might become an advocacy organization.”

TFP at CPAC: Stop Obamacare’s Religious Persecution

When Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius promulgated new rules on January 20, just days before the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., requiring all health insurance plans under "Obamacare" to include contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization services, it marked the flashpoint of a process that historians may one day call the "War on Religion."

“Unity Week” at St. Joseph’s University Puts Pro-Homosexual Agenda First

Moral values are once again under assault at St. Joseph’s University. Since 2001, the Jesuit university in Philadelphia has been sponsoring Unity Week, a pro-homosexual event first dubbed Rainbow Week. This year Unity Week will sponsor speakers and events that are in direct conflict with Catholic moral teaching.

VIDEO: TV Report on TFP Student Action protest

Fox 25 in Oklahoma City interviewed John Ritchie about TFP Student Action's recent protest against "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told," a blasphemy to be performed at OCU. See "Bible Play Controversy."

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