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"Drag Show" at Catholic USD Takes Satanic Turn: 14,700 Protest the Scandal

More than 14,700 concerned students and parents signed the TFP Student Action e-protest, calling for the cancelation of a pro-homosexual "drag show" at the Catholic University of San Diego. However, despite the large outcry of peaceful opposition, university officials decided to support the April 10 "drag show" on campus, which this year took a satanic turn.

According to a report published by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, the 2014 drag show featured a professional transvestite and open homosexual who performed for Catholic students in satanic dress, with horns, while extolling the choice of evil over good. As he lip-synced the words to the song "Good N' Evil" by Linda Eder, the crowd cheered wildly.
Here are a few excerpts from the offensive song:

Good and evil -
And their merits -
Men have argued through history -
As well they should!
My philosophy
Any child can see -
"Good is evil -
And therefore
All evil is good"
Good maintain evil's a curse! -
But it is plain good's even worse!
Evil's the one that they tell you to shun -
Good is the one to embrace
Say that and Satan will laugh right in your face!
But as I peruse
This world we abuse -
It's hell that we choose -
And heaven must lose!

Photo: Courtesy of Catholic Action for Faith and Family. http://catholicaction.org/

The report continues:
"The drag show concluded with a student representative of USD Gay Pride thanking 'the school for letting this happen…[because]…as you know some people may find this conversation uncomfortable…[however]…this is a testament to our…Catholic identity and our mission and values as a Catholic school to promote diversity and inclusion.' Thus, USD’s greatest betrayal of its actual mission and authentic Catholic values is that 'diversity and inclusion' now trump sanctity and truth every time. It is a tragedy but USD’s 'Catholic identity' is a sham."

The spiritual battle is real. That is why, more than ever, TFP Student Action renews its commitment to encourage students to embrace and promote moral values, especially on Catholic college campuses. The truth must be defended boldly and without hesitation.

"Let us beseech Saint Michael the Archangel," the report concludes, "to protect us from this present evil."

Saint Michael, defend us in battle!

Letter to USD From a 'Very Sad Alumna'

Dear President Lyons and Mr. Bass,
I am a "once proud" graduate of the University of San Diego (1965). Over the years I have heard of the growing liberalism on the San Diego Campus, hence have been reluctant to contribute. I am not a rich person and my contribution would have to be small, however, I recently spoke to a young woman campaigning to raise money for the University, and she was so enthusiastic and delightful that I thought, O.K. for her benefit I will contribute. I was getting ready to make a contribution and then heard, and read about the "Drag Shows" you have been having. I was disturbed and appalled!!!

Why on earth do you even bother to call yourselves "CATHOLIC" anymore? Over the years you have drifted away from important aspects of Catholicism as set forth in the Magisterium and Tradition, so why do you even bother to consider that the University of San Diego should be referred to as Catholic? How is it Catholic? How?

From the perspective of this alumna you have betrayed the Church that I dearly love. Unfortunately, you are not the only so-called "Catholic" University to do so
My daughters graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans and Georgetown... they no longer have anything to do with the Church. There was absolutely NO spiritual nurturing on those campuses either. So, IF you are not going to help the Church to grow by fostering true Catholic spirituality, and instead, stress aspects such as moral relativism, situational ethics, secular humanism, then at least have the courage to be HONEST about it, and STOP operating under illusional Catholicism.

I feel sorry for the dear, enthusiastic student who called me. What on earth can she be learning at a University that "seems" to have betrayed its very foundation and embraced the values of a "world" which is leading us more and more into spiritual darkness.

May the good Lord have MERCY on us all.

A very sad alumna.

Den W.