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Pro-Family Students Ready For Heroic Action

TFP conference gathers more than 120 students, activists, and youth leaders from 21 countries in Europe and the Americas for a week of prayer, study, and training in pro-family, Counter-Revolutionary activism.

Catholics Protest Dissident Priest at Madonna University

Faithful Catholics, including alumni and former benefactors, gathered in prayerful protest of the leadership of the Felician Sisters over their selection of Fr. Michael Crosby, OFM Cap. to lead a weeklong retreat in Livonia, Michigan. Fr. Crosby is an outspoken advocate of a host of positions at odds with Catholic doctrine.

God Bless Our Troops: Leftist Protest Dwindles at Fort Benning

The general mood at the 20th annual School of the Americas (SOA) Watch protest at Fort Benning, Georgia was closer to a death knell than a milestone. "Signs of decline were everywhere," declared a New York Times writer.

America Says No to Mega Mosque

Few Americans are unaware of the controversy over the proposed Ground Zero mosque in New York City. Thanks to the mainstream media, even fewer are aware of the protest against it on this year’s anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack. TFP Student Action volunteers joined the huge rally.