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For God’s Marriage in Maine and Rhode Island

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A bill to allow same-sex “marriage” in Maine was signed into law in 2009 by Governor Baldacci, following legislative approval. But opponents successfully petitioned for a referendum on the issue.

A van load of motivated volunteers of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) set out for Maine and Rhode Island to help protect true marriage. The members’ method was to appeal directly to the people on the street by holding signs that said, “Honk for Traditional Marriage.” Having a large banner, “God’s Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman,” and the bagpipes drew lots of attention.

Overwhelming Support

Where the rubber hits the road: TFP volunteers log long hours defending marriage on the streets of ME and RI.

Starting in Maine, the TFP volunteers held an average of four campaigns a day for six days, visiting 14 cities. The extraordinary support received in Waterville was a foreshadow of the support we would later see in other cities. People responded very well. Even people without horns wanted to express their support. For example, a biker said: “I don’t have a horn, but beep, beep, beep.” There were at least 5 honks for every negative reaction.

More and more people are fed up with immorality being forced upon them. In Bangor, a gentleman said, “If homosexuality is ‘marriage’, what is my marriage? It’s a mockery of my marriage!!”

Others pointed to their marriage rings, thus, showing everyone that they were traditionally married and proud of it. At several campaign stops TFP volunteers were joined by local friends. Although the caravan only spent two days in Rhode Island there were many people in favor, especially among the youth. In Pawtucket, children walking back from school exclaimed: “Honk, honk, honk” while giving us a thumbs up.


Although the majority supports real marriage, a few showed the ugly face of the homosexual agenda. For instance, during one of the campaigns in Maine a car with three women and one man, all about sixty, drove up to the curb and booed. Then the driver made a gun-shape with her hand and pulled the imaginary trigger while mouthing “poof” at a TFP volunteer.

Also in Rhode Island, a passing car swerved onto the curb and tried hitting Joseph Lee who was holding the “Honk for Traditional Marriage” sign. Thanks to the Blessed Mother, Mr. Lee jumped out of the way.

At one stop, a pro-homosexual woman demanded to know if we had a permit to be on the public sidewalk.

TFP volunteer: “Yes, we do. It’s called the United States Constitution and freedom of speech.”

The woman replied: “You still can’t be near my office.”

TFP volunteer: “Are you saying we don’t have freedom of speech?”

The woman: "Freedom of speech stops in front of my office."

Pro-homosexual advocate assaults peaceful volunteer

Location: York, Maine. “On September 6, I was assaulted by a pro-homosexual individual while holding a sign in support of traditional marriage on the northwest corner of the intersection of Stonewall Lane and Highway 1,” reports a TFP volunteer.

“A man in a grey van approached the intersection screaming expletives at me. Then he flung a large cup of liquid out the window straight at me,” he said. “I felt threatened by his clear intent of causing harm, so I instinctively lifted my sign to protect my face. The coffee hit my sign and splattered onto me and my clothing.” The police arrived. A report was filed and the assailant was located by law enforcement authorities and will be facing charges."

Discouraged? Never!

One might wonder if TFP members ever get discouraged. The answer is NEVER. In fact, most Americans reject the sin of homosexuality. The majority blast their horns in support of traditional marriage. If you’re still leery, join our next campaign. You’ll see for yourself.