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Young Catholics Protest Blasphemous Movie "The Devil Conspiracy"

With the start of a new year, a new chapter in the book of life opens up, and many opportunities arise to give glory to God. However, the devil, always finding new ways to offend God, has influenced the release of a blasphemous movie, The Devil Conspiracy.

Hundreds of theaters across the country are showing the satanic film that mocks the Divinity of Our Lord, depicting a clone of Jesus Christ created by a group of satanists who collect DNA from the Shroud of Turin.

Opposing such an atrocity, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) quickly organized dozens of protests throughout the nation, encouraging the faithful to defend the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Church. On January 16, at Hanover Movies in Hanover, Penn., TFP Student Action volunteers held an act of reparation to oppose the vile attack against the Faith.

Public Blasphemy Demands Public Reparation

Since the blasphemous movie is a public attack against the Person of Our Lord, it behooves those who love Him to take a public stand against it. With this in mind, TFP volunteers gathered to pray the 15 decades of the rosary, sing Marian hymns, and cry slogans during the peaceful rally. “Keep holy things holy” and “stop blasphemy now,” read their signs.

Several spectators drove by and thanked TFP volunteers for protesting. However, a handful of agitators mocked the prayerful rally, blasting offensive music from their vehicles as they shouted profanities.

Battle of Light vs. Darkness

Darkness hates the light. The forces of darkness hate everyone and everything that is pure, holy, and good. Since the devil cannot destroy God directly, he attempts to destroy the image of God in creation. That’s why the enemies of God like blasphemy and sacrilege.

The Devil Conspiracy poisons the viewer’s mind with blasphemous, sacrilegious, and satanic content. The film can be added to a long list of blasphemous productions set in motion against God and the Church by Hollywood and the entertainment industry. These movies have a common goal: Distort and destroy the Faith, wear down resistance to evil, and desensitize souls.

However, men of good will must not grow weary in battle but rally around the Light of Christ, ready to watch, pray and protest. Let us fight with zeal for the glory of God and make Saint Elias’ proclamation our very own, “With zeal I have been zealous for the Lord God of hosts” (3 Kings 19:14).