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Quis ut Deus – Who is Like Unto God

The struggle that was once fought out in Heaven has flared up again on earth. Men no longer fight alone and in secret, but openly and with combined forces.

As before, the two parties are flying the same banners. One has a banner on which can be read the memorable inscription: "Quis Ut Deus" ("Who is Like Unto God?"). This is the party which, setting aside all earthly interests, fights for the Faith, for the Church, and for her sacred rights. The other has a banner upon which an insane pride has written: "I will set my throne above the stars of Heaven, I will be equal to God."

This is the party which is the sworn enemy of our religion. The struggle is the same; the end will be the same. As of old, the pride of the rebels cast them headlong into Hell, so too those will succumb who now desire to put themselves in the place of God and to destroy His Kingdom on earth.

Pope Pius IX
Let. Non Occulte Jam, October 11, 1875