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No Coexistence: When Crusaders Clash with Satanists at Historic Cross

Satan showed his ugly head and was crushed by the Virgin at the Bladensburg Cross Memorial in Maryland.

Followers of the Satanic Temple planned a July 10 rally at the Bladensburg cross to attack the controversial monument and attempt to claim it as their own. However, Satan received a mighty blow when the temple members found Our Lady and nearly 130 prayer warriors already on the scene.

On July 10, members of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) hosted a Rosary rally in front of the Bladensburg Cross Memorial. The cross is a solemn landmark, which honors American veterans of World War I. It was the object of a 2019 Supreme Court battle where enemies of the cross tried to have it torn down. Fortunately, the Court ruled 7-2 in favor of this symbol of salvation.

Members of the Satanic Temple sought to dedicate the cross to those Satanists that died in World War I during their rally. However, Catholic protesters countered their efforts as TFP members and friends offered reparation and showed their devotion to Christ's Cross. The friends of the cross to the opposition were approximately 130 participants to 70.

To be consistent with its stated purpose, the Temple’s rally should have been held under the cross on the traffic island where it is located. However, police kept people off the traffic island. The prayer protest was right next to the cross. The Satanic rally was far from the cross, more than one hundred yards away. This can be considered a victory since the Satanists had no direct access to the cross.

Reliving the ancient angelic battle

The street across from the towering 40-foot concrete cross was lined with Catholics holding signs that reaffirmed their allegiance to God. One could compare the Catholic crowd to the angels who answered Saint Michael’s call to battle when he said: “Quis ut Deus!” “Who is like unto God?”

The scene became a battle between two polar opposites. On one side were the Satanic Temple supporters. They were dressed in black, playing esoteric music and even wearing devil horns. The noisy mob shouted Hail Satan in unison with arms uplifted with fingers forming horns.

On the spiritual battle scene near the cross, Catholics loudly prayed the rosary and other prayers.

No one could miss the 19–foot sign that read: “Begone Satan! Mary crushes the serpent!” Bagpipers played Marian hymns. The enthusiasm of the crowd far outshone that of the other side. The presence of so many Catholics renewing their rejection of Satan humiliated the Devil. Once again, he lost.

The cross is a religious symbol

The cross is a religious symbol that is venerated by the Catholic Church. The forces of darkness would love to see the Bladensburg Peace Cross turned into a secular war memorial. However, all Christians know Who died on the cross so long ago. Our Lord gave His life upon the cross, sanctifying its wood. Every replica of Christ’s Cross is always a reminder to serve God until the end, with all one’s strength and soul – the exact opposite of what Satan did.

For the Satanic Temple to try to appropriate this symbol is not only blasphemous but also impossible.

Americans choose God and reject Satan

The signs that read: “Honk for the Cross” caused an uproar in the traffic. Many gave thumbs up, smiles, or other gestures of approval of the campaign. Many were encouraged by the sound of bagpipes that played traditional and religious hymns.

TFP members wearing their ceremonial habits escorted a statue of the Blessed Virgin to a place of honor, taking their position on a curb across the road from the cross. The campaign participants were confident knowing that Satan is an eternal loser, whereas the children of light have every reason to hope for victory.

By putting the campaign under the patronage of the Blessed Mother, the rally participants were assured of victory and protection. After all, no evildoer has the commission of God to win – while God did bestow such a promise upon the Blessed Virgin – the “New Eve.” Our Lady was given the promise of victory over her enemy, as Saint Louis de Montfort loves to recount in the story of Genesis 3:15. “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.”

In his book, True Devotion to Mary, Saint Louis de Montfort writes: “The most terrible of all the enemies which God has set up against the devil is His holy Mother, Mary.” With such an august Queen as their general, the rally was assured of victory from the start.

Fighting for God and America’s future

This spiritual clash of two lineages, between the race of the Virgin and the race of the Serpent, is not an isolated event. The Satanic Temple has shown its head in many public events in recent years. Sadly, these demonstrations do not seem to be slowing down.

Thus, the faithful must legally and peacefully oppose these manifestations of public Satanism every step of the way. To give in to complacency would mean the irreplaceable loss of souls – which no Catholic could ever want.

Come and stand in the ranks of Our Lady’s army. Accept her call to defend the Faith publicly. The invitation to be part of this noble cause is now extended.