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Unruly Pro-Abortion Mob Rages for Imagined Right to Kill Unborn Babies at GWU


“I’m in favor of slaughtering 1,000 babies…” said one student.

Nothing is more self-evident: Every innocent human person – born or preborn – has the right to life. However, our culture has strayed so far from God and reason that what used to be self-evident is no longer so, particularly on left-wing college campuses where procured abortion is considered more than a right – it has been elevated and granted the status of a secular virtue.

This dark pro-abortion reality hit TFP Student Action volunteers in the face like a brick when they visited George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on September 30, 2019.

“I’m in favor of slaughtering 1,000 babies if that helps already born babies have a better life,” said a female student coldly, without showing a scintilla of remorse.

What unfolded that cloudy afternoon was eye opening.

At Kogan Plaza stood fifteen TFP volunteers. After reciting a short prayer, they fanned out on the sidewalks and got to work for moral values. “Here – take a flier, 10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn,” offered one, politely. Others unfurled the banner, displayed signs or played the bagpipes to attract attention to the noble cause.

“I was in class and my professor recognized the tune you were playing on the bagpipes,” said a student, adding, “Do you realize how liberal this campus is?”

Liberal campus or not, the truth does not hide. And TFP volunteers do not want safe spaces and are not known for being timid in their crusade to win souls for the Truth. At this point, each volunteer was engaged in conversation or debate. Yet their courteous tone was apparent and appreciated by many students.

“Oh, thank you! I’m Catholic too,” offered one.

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Pro-Abortion Activists Like Pope Francis

But, sadly, not all Catholics oppose the sin of abortion. The crisis and confusion within the Catholic Church and the current papacy has encouraged and emboldened anti-family advocates to attack the truth with more vehemence. In fact, more than one pro-abortion student accused TFP volunteers of not being Catholic because – they claimed – Pope Francis has changed Church teaching on abortion and homosexuality.

“How can you declare the pope to be the legitimate leader of the Catholic Church yet so strongly contradict the views he’s expressed about abortion, gay rights, etc., etc.,” said one student who was 100% pro-abortion. The same student refused to accept the Magisterium of the Church, the conditions of papal infallibility, or even the Fifth Commandment. He was convinced that Pope Francis had made abortion acceptable. At the same time, he insulted and cursed Catholics who stand faithful to Our Lord’s teaching and 2,000 years of tradition.

Tribal Pro-Abortion Mob Gathers

Word got out quickly: TFP is on campus. Abortion advocates used social media to sound the alarm and organize a counter-protest. Soon, protesters started gathering in Kogan Plaza where they set-up a large electric speaker that blasted vulgar “music.” Holding pro-abortion signs, dozens of students danced in chaotic disorder to pulsating beats that emphasized the F-word.

More arrived with makeshift pro-abortion signs extolling the imagined “right” to abortion. Very few cared about having a civil discussion. Frantic dancing took over as the pro-abortion students got louder and louder. The scene looked like a tribal riot more than a gathering of students who spend $55,230 in yearly tuition to receive a higher education.

“My body, my choice!” yelled one student. “It’s a sin to tell a woman what to do with her body.”

A male student screamed: “I eat baby lungs for breakfast.”

“Hail Satan!” blurted another.

On several occasions, pro-abortion students waved contraceptives in front of TFP member’s faces. One aggressive student tried to stuff a contraceptive inside the lens of the TFP camera. Another attempted to push a contraceptive inside my pocket.

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Multiple Assaults on TFP Volunteers

The pro-abortion mob did what mobs do. It became unruly. The chaos increased as did the chants of “my body, my choice.” The mob of about 100 students then attempted to surround the 15 TFP volunteers.

“I just got spit on,” said TFP member Matthew Miller.

A little while later, a pro-abortion student poured soda on TFP volunteer Joseph Jordan then took off running. And TFP volunteer Luis Solorzano was kicked in the back of the leg from behind. “I think the attacker wanted to kick the TFP standard pole out of my hands,” he said.

One of the youngest TFP volunteers wore a wrist brace because of recent sports injury. When pro-abortion students noticed the brace, they asked him about it. He politely explained that he was recovering from an injury. With malice, a pro-abortion activist struck his injured arm to cause pain and harm.

While these assaults unfolded, campus police officers stood observing at a distance. But they refused to take any measures. When their help was requested, they replied, “We already called the city police. They will be arriving shortly.”

Finally, police officers created a buffer zone with their bodies between the mob and the TFP volunteers. But the mob showed neither respect for the police officers nor obeyed their orders. The screaming continued: “My body, my choice.”

Liberals Attack the Police

Later in the day, GW Voices for Choices issued a statement claiming that the TFP’s peaceful action constituted “dangerous discourse” and expressed “outrage” against the police department for not expelling the TFP volunteers. “White supremacy underpins anti-abortion beliefs, and it is both insulting and dangerous that GWPD is protecting those beliefs, while not keeping students of all races, religions, sexualities, and creeds, and students who have had abortion safe.”

The “Queer Radicals” jumped on the police-bashing bandwagon too.

“The George Washington University Police Department came to the protest and proceeded to stand in between GW students and the [TFP] men, facing the students and protecting the men.” According to the pro-homosexual group, “students felt unsafe” because the police “failed to remove a nuisance from campus.”

“That’s What Hell Looks Like”

While the mob yelled profanities, a nurse in scrubs approached the TFP banner. “I love that you’re here,” she said cheerfully. “It takes a lot of courage and I’m grateful.”

Then pointing to the pro-abortion mob, she added: “That’s what Hell looks like. I want to go over there and spray them with Holy Water.” She was right. It did look and sound hellish because the Culture of Death is united under the same master – Lucifer – in its hatred against God, order, virtue and innocent life.

The mob followed the TFP volunteers to their vehicles where they screamed, “never come back” and spit on the windows of their van. They also covered the windshield with a pro-abortion sign.

Nevertheless, many students who saw or heard about the campaign were encouraged to continue fighting the good fight for God’s law. “I just wanted to lend my support for all of the volunteers that went out yesterday afternoon and to let you all know that there are people out there that genuinely believe that the Culture of Death can be extinguished,” wrote a GWU student.

Yes, with God’s grace all things are possible – even the end of abortion.

After cleaning the spittle off the van windows, TFP volunteers are ready to visit the next campus.

May God inspire more young Americans to stand up and fight the good fight.