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Pro-Abortion Mob Responds to TFP Campaign for Unborn at UNC at Chapel Hill


by Joseph Wagner

Smarting from the impact of the truth, she said "pet for Planned Parenthood," urging pro-abortion students to pet her dog for "stress relief" caused by TFP Student Action's peaceful campaign against abortion. The "stress" of hearing the truth about abortion on campus set off all the leftist alarm bells, sparking a large counter-protest.

On October 26, fifteen members of the TFP caravan converged on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As soon as we planted our banners and flags at Polk Place, a central and busy quad, we knew it wasn't going to be a cake walk. But the TFP team was ready.

"Do you have a permit to be here?" inquired a policeman flanked by two more officers.
"Our understanding is we don't need one," replied a TFP volunteer.
"Yes, you need a permit to distribute fliers. And those poles are a problem. They can be weaponized," said the officer.

As two TFP volunteers went off to get a permit, the police ordered the rest of us not to give out fliers or talk to anybody. "Just stand there and turn your backs," was the order. The campaign was on pause, which created a comical scene: Dozens of students approached to get copies of the TFP flier, 10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn, but a police officer would bark out, "Don't stop! Keep moving!"

The temporary embargo on fliers created so much curiosity that when one student managed to grab a flier, more students would rush in for fliers themselves, prompting a policeman nearby to cry, "No. Wait."

Meanwhile, with our backs turned, pro-abortion students took advantage to make snide remarks and rant about how we are "privileged white males" who have no idea what "women's rights" are. Other students sarcastically asked among themselves, "Oh wait, they're getting kicked off because they don't have a permit, right? Good luck getting one; they take weeks to get!"

Like a pride of lions circled by a pack of hyenas, TFP volunteers waited and wondered what the outcome would be.

Finally, confirmation arrived: No permit necessary.

With a short prayer -- "Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us!" -- TFP volunteers sprung into action and began giving out fliers.

But the simple presence of our poster reading "Smile: You survived abortion" and the banner against Planned Parenthood was too much for some to endure. In a few minutes, pro-abortion students arrived with signs, including a "Trigger Warning" poster. Like a hive of mad hornets, more and more feminist activists gathered to yell and insult. “I hate ya’lls signs,” muttered one. Another, when he found out that TFP volunteers were Catholic, said that Catholics can support abortion because a Georgetown University expert said so. Yet another added: "I can't stand that flag they have...those three words [Tradition, Family, Property]."

Pro-abortion student Patrick Ryan, a UNC senior, told The Daily Tar Heel that he wanted to kick TFP off campus. “We’re all talking together about doing whatever we can to get this off of campus. We’re trying to form a barrier around the group. We’re going to keep trying.”

But the police force on campus was kind enough to remain with us "for your safety," as they put it, for the entire duration of the campaign.

In the midst of heated debates, we started receiving more and more support. A retired U. S. Marine individually shook each TFP member's hand, saying, "It takes a lot of courage to do what you're doing out here on this campus."

Three pro-life students joined us to pray the rosary, one of them being a young woman and her brother, the president of the pro-life movement on campus.

"I want to make a statement," said a 6' 4" black football player who wished to honor his grandparents. "They put my father up for adoption, and I want to honor my parents for raising me," he said in a solemn tone. "We all know what's right."

A man came up and said, "It is a very daunting task you are undertaking, but a very noble one. I respect you."

At the end of the day, despite the many challenges, TFP members stood their ground, prayed the rosary, sang God Bless America and engaged in constant discussions and debates. For the glory of God, new territory was gained in the crusade to conquer America for Him. The lies of the abortion movement were debunked. And students who thirst for the truth were encouraged to fight the good fight with renewed vigor.